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DIY Roof Spring Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Thousands
April 6, 2018

Spring is on the horizon and that means your roof is definitely due for a cleaning and inspection. If you’re like us and live in New York, or any other area where it rains and snows often, this read is a must for you. If you have neglected to check your roof periodically after heavy storms then now is surely the time to wake up and take care of your home. Every homeowner (especially DIY’ers) should be fully acquainted with their roofing warranty to make sure that any action they take does not void their warranty. If this all sounds like too much for you, simply stop reading and call a local licensed roofing contractor. Otherwise, grab your ladder and let’s get started.

Roof Maintenance Preparation & Implementation:

First, make sure it’s a dry and sunny day. Put on some gloves so you can grab debris with ease. Next, put on some anti-slip shoes and grab a sturdy ladder. Scope out the area for power lines or any other safety hazards that may require the help of a professional roofer.

If you have securely made it to the top it’s time to get to work and begin cleaning:

  1. Animals are cute, but a real wrecking crew when it comes to your roof. Look for bug colonies, bird droppings, nests and anything else that can clog your draining or disintegrate your roofing (due to high acid concentrations)
  2.  Look for leftover snow or ice and use special salts and rakes that get rid of it without damaging the roof materials surface
  3. Dust, leaves, sticks and stones can all be removed with a standard household broom.
  4. It’s time to get those pesky plants and vegetation. These bacteria filled organisms have high acid concentrations and can severely damage the roof surface if left untreated. Remove them and make sure to use good gloves so you that you do not catch any fungus or diseases.
  5. Look for any poles, trees or other protruding materials that cause water or snow to pond on the exterior of your home and provide animals with an easy access route up to your roof. Get rid of them with standard gardening supplies.


Post Roof Cleaning Inspection:

Now that your roof is nice and clean everything can be inspected clearly. It’s time to check your gutters, flashing and roof surface for any damages. Make sure your roofing materials aren’t  shriveled, cracked, curled or simply missing. Look between your vent pipe flashing, plumbing Stacks & electrical mast for holes, dents, missing roofing and other damages. Finally, test your gutters to make sure their is no debris build up and a steady flow.

Maintenance is the key to upkeep any valuable item. If you don’t spend a little time and money to change the oil in your car, your engine will break. Similarly, if you don’t put in the minimum upkeep required for your roof, you may need to spend thousands of dollars on replacement costs in the very near future.

Save time and money and speak to a Queens Roofer for a fast & free estimate on all roof maintenance, repair and installation services.

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