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Royal Renovators is the roofing expert to call for any and all roofing issues. Pitched asphalt roofs are our specialty, and while we do repair and install other types of shingles, including slate and cedar, we know that asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in America.

Knowing that the roof of your home or commercial building is in good condition gives you peace of mind, while a leak, or knowing that your roof needs to be replaced, can be a source of worry and stress. Royal Renovations works hard to remove the stress and worry from the roofing process. We practice neighborly customer service in everything we do, from the first inspection to the clean up after the job.

The Life Of Your Roof

  • Most asphalt shingle roofs last a minimum of 15 years for basic shingles, and higher quality shingles last up to 50 years.
  • Poor quality shingles, faulty installation, and, of course, severe weather can shorten the life of your shingle roof.
  • If your roof is showing signs of wear, call us out for a free inspection.

Signs Your Shingle Roof is in Need of Repair or Replacement

  • There are some signs you should know to look for to judge if your roof needs attention.
  • The shingles are clearly missing granules or your gutter has a remarkable accumulation of granules after a storm.
  • There are shingles that are curled at the edges or are missing.
  • You know your roof has had an ice dam during the last winter.
  • If you have a leak in the attic of your home, chances are, you will need at least extensive damage that will need to be repaired.
  • Another sign of a leaking roof is a sudden surge in utility costs. If your insulation is absorbing moisture from a leak in the roof, it will be less efficient, and this may show itself in your utility bills.

Roofing is More Than Just the Roof!

  • When we inspect, repair, or replace a roof, we also pay attention to the other elements that lend strength and durability to a roof.
  • We also make sure that the brickwork on the chimney and the seams where the chimney meets the roof is sound and watertight.
  • The flashing on a roof is the metal trim that keeps water out of the edges of the roof and away from the structural elements under the shingles.
  • If a piece of flashing is missing, it can open up your roof to serious damage.
  • The unsung hero of the roof is the gutter system. It keeps water flowing safely away from the roof and then delivers that water well away from your foundation. We’ll always check your gutter system for integrity, and we can repair or replace it if need be as well.

Royal Renovators Use Only the Best Materials

  • We know that replacing a roof is a major financial investment in your home or commercial building, and we also know that you need your roof to last as long as possible and to perform at the highest levels. This is why Royal Renovator uses GAF asphalt shingles.
  • In fact, we are a GAF certified roofing contractor, and we are able to offer a 50-year, factory-backed warranty.

When you need your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced, be sure to call the reliable professionals at Royal Renovators. We serve the five boroughs of NYC, as well as Nassau County. We are committed to both the quality of our work and customer satisfaction.

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