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Surrounded by new and historic buildings, school and hospitals, apartment buildings and streets lined with shops and homes, we call Queens home and we live and work here, just like you. And just like you, we know the importance of quality roofing, both flat and pitched, to the integrity of your building or home. Royal Renovators are proud to be BBB rated exterior contractors.Choose Royal Renovators Inc.

  • When you are looking for a roofing and exterior contractor, you will be looking for a company who meets your needs.
  • You might think that this goes without saying, but in this business, it bears repeating.
  • We work within your budget, we don’t pressure you to spend more than you can.
  • We offer budget awareness with the highest quality craftsmanship you can get.
  • All of our workmen are highly trained.
  • For instance, all of our window installers are trained by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association.
  • Not all roofing contractors offer you warranties above and beyond that of the product manufacturer. We offer lifetime warranties for our window installations, and we also guarantee that flat roofs will remain watertight for the lifetime of the roofing materials.


  • We are your Queens roofing experts. We install, repair and maintain both flat and pitched roofs.
  • We install flat roofs, shingle roofs, and clay shingle roofs
  • Royal Renovators are NYC’s Top Rated Local® Roofing Contractor, it’s true but we offer more than roofing.

Brick and Cement Work

  • We also do brick and cement work that includes chimneys, damaged or deteriorating brick wall so homes and businesses, as well as driveways and sidewalks.
  • The grout between brickwork needs to be kept in good shape for the brick to retain integrity. If you notice that the grout work on your brick home or your brick chimney is falling out or looks like it is fragmenting, call us for an estimate.
  • A well maintained and smooth driveway and sidewalk keep your family, neighbors and / or customers safe from slips and falls and thus, you from liability.
  • New York weather is not your brick and cement friend: wet weather with repeated freezing and thawing can work a hairline crack into a trip-inducing crack in a short time.

Exterior Services

  • We and replace siding and stucco exteriors, and install windows.
  • The soffits and the fascia of your home are often overlooked and underestimated when it comes to importance. Maintenance and replacement of these vital parts of your roofing should not be neglected.
  • Damaged or missing fascia or soffits can give access to water and animals to the timbers of your roof which can spell big trouble.

Windows and Gutters

  • We also install windows and repair and place gutter systems.
  • Windows that are energy efficient can make a huge difference in your energy bills.
  • New windows will save you money and increase the value of your home or business.
  • Gutters help protect your home or commercial building by keeping the water well away from the foundation.

When your residential home or commercial building roofing, windows, siding or any other exterior service, be sure to call Royal renovators and get the Royal treatment!

Part of the Community

Being a professional roofing and renovation company means many things to us. It mean providing the best services, such as flat and shingled roofing, gutter systems, siding, windows, and brickwork. It also means giving free estimates and sticking to those, because we know these renovations are major investments and that no one likes surprises when it comes to coming in over budget.Staying Good Neighbors It also means making sure we are neat and tidy while we do what can often be very messy work. We will keep the work site clean and make sure, especially when tearing off roofing, that your neighbors are as happy as you are with our presence. Giving Back To be part of the Queens community, doesn’t mean just relying on our business relationship alone, we also make an effort to give back to the community. We do this because we are from here, and because we love this place and its amazing people. Being from Queens means something. It means we are part of a larger community, and that we stick together. Our recent community action of taking part in Adopt-a-Highway is an example of how we take pride in being part of the Queens community. We had a crew out and cleaned up a mile near Exit 17 of Belt Parkway, in Queens. Queens Proud From the history of our immigrant communities to the resilience witnessed after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, Queens has a reputation for being a strong and compassionate community. Did you know that if taken on its own, Queens would be the fourth largest city in the country? We are proud to be a bustling international community with a cosmopolitan population of immigrants from the whole world over who make each area of Queens distinctive. From our great customer service while providing roofing and renovation services, to giving back, we are proud to be part of the Queens community. Call us today to get a free estimate.

Shingle Roof Tearoff

When you need a new shingle roof on your home or business, you want it done quickly and cleanly, but most of all, you want it done well. Royal Renovators are roofing experts who are committed to the providing the best customer service while we perform a number of exterior renovation projects. We handle projects ranging from flat and shingle roofs, to gutters, siding, brick work, down to the pavement and driveways. Basically, if something on the exterior of your home or business needs work, Royal Renovators are the best ones to call! Shingle roofs on buildings generally last longer than flat roofing materials do and some shingles are now rated to last up to 50 years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own set of challenges.  

Roofing Challenges

One challenge when needing a new roof is to know how much of a new roof a building needs. There are a number of questions that need to be asked to decide on the nature of the roofing project.

  • Does the roof simply need new shingles?
  • Can new shingles be placed over the old shingles?
  • Do the old shingles need to be torn off and replaced?
  • Is there damage to plywood layer under the shingles?

Royal Renovators Roofing Solutions

Royal Renovators will inspect your roof from inside and out to discover the answers to these important questions. If we discover that the plywood is also damaged and needs to be replaced, we will do that too. As we recently did in Far Rockaway, Queens, we will replace all the plywood on the roof before we apply the weather barrier and the shingles. You can see photos of this project on our Facebook. You can see how we always put down tarps and use a large roll-away dumpster to keep our work site tidy and to remove all traces of the work as the project comes to a completion.If you suspect that you need a new shingle roof, be sure to call Royal Renovator for a superior job, courteously done.


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