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The services that Royal offers cover all the exterior maintenance needs of your home or business. We can replace or repair everything, from the chimney down to the foundation and the sidewalks. Royal Roofing & Siding Bronx services all five boroughs with the best craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. Since 1993 we have been serving proudly the communities in the Bronx

We are proud to offer Top rated Local Bronx flat roofing & shingles services. Our team can repair or install any EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Tar or Gravel flat roof. We also work with GAF and Tamko in an effort to provide the best shingles materials and warranties in the United States.

Residential & Commercial Contractor: Flat Roofing in The Bronx

  • We are New York City’s Top Rated Local® roofing contractor.
  • We can replace or repair any type of exterior, including flat, pitched, shingle, slate, and clay shingle exteriors.
  • For flat roofs, we offer both lay-over and tear-offs as options for renewing your flat roof surface.
  • We offer a warranty for waterproofing for flat roofs for the lifetime of the materials.
  • We are flat roof experts, we use SBS membrane self-adhered cap and base sheet installations, Karnak brand roofing and flashing cement.
  • Our flat roofing produces the most watertight surface possible on a customer’s home.

Gutters, Fascia, and Flashing

  • Those these elements may appear to be just extras, but are really essential to the health of your roof, and therefore the overall health of your building or home.
  • Gutters take the rain or melting snow and deliver it far from the foundation of your property, ensuring the integrity of the foundation.
  • We offer seamless gutters that are installed with invisible fasteners.
  • The flashing is the metal trim of the roof and often falls victim to high winds.
  • It may seem to be only cosmetic but plays an important role in protecting the otherwise exposed wooden parts of your roof, and so it is important to replace it in a timely fashion.
  • The fascia also protects the bones of your home or business.
  • The horizontal underpart of eaves, the fascia should be maintained for the health of the building.

Windows Solutions

  • Royal Renovators is staffed by window installation experts.
  • All our window technicians are trained by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.
  • Energy efficient windows can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.
  • We have years of experience installing windows that expertise to do it right.

Brick and Cement Work

Vinyl Siding & Brickwork

  • Vinyl siding is an attractive and economical alternative to many other types of exterior surfaces.
  • There is minimal yearly maintenance needed for vinyl siding,
  • No yearly painting chores! Just an occasional power wash keeps vinyl siding looking great.
  • If you want to improve the insulation of your home, a new layer of insulation under a new layer of vinyl siding is a great way to go.

When you work with Royal Renovators on an exterior project for your home or business, you will be working with a company that understands the value of a dollar. This means we use the best materials because they last the longest. Our team has the highest level of craftsmanship in all our work. We know how important a budget is in project planning as we do our best to stay within your budget, and we don’t try pushy practices to get you to pay more for less.

Which Material Manufacturers Are The Best & Do They Matter

The health of your roof is vital. An unhealthy roof is usually the sign of either old or poor quality roofing materials. Old roofing and or cheap roofing materials cause a host of different roofing issues including roof dams, ice ponding, and ultimately roof leaks. I will now discuss how roof dams and ice ponds end up spewing water into your house and what you can do to avoid this from happening.

The Problem:

When water and ice build up on your roof they basically just sit there. Ice and snow can obviously easily stick on the roof as it has nowhere to go and slowly seep into your roofing layers. But, it can only get into your home if your roof materials and adhesives are poor quality, cheap or old. Rain can pond of your roof due to poorly constructed slopes, really heavy rain, or clogged gutters.

In both scenarios, water is basically “hanging out” on your roof and slowly wrecking the internal infrastructure of your house as it seeps in. This can lead to mold, wall damage, flooring damage, and much more. So now that we identified the problem let’s discuss the solutions.

The Solution:

The solution is simple, the first stage is preventative. This is where you make sure that your roof slopes are adequate and your gutters are clean. This is the first step of keeping ice and snow from ponding on the roof. But, the reality is that as clean as your gutters are and as smooth as your slope is, it’s not enough. Heavy rains and snow will eventually lead to some sort of backup and the water will be on your roof for extended amounts of time. Here is where quality roofing materials and adhesives come in.

This equation simple, first you use shingles or flat roofing materials on your home or business that are high quality. Have your roofer use manufacturers like GAF, TAMKO, Owens Corning, or CertainTeed. Most of these “big box” suppliers will also offer long term warranties on their materials and they can be relied on.

Although having a high quality roof material is critical, it’s also not enough. To stop damming at its source you will also need really high end roofing membranes (adhesives). This state-of-the-art glue materials will work hand in hand with high-quality shingles or other roofing materials to ensure water just cannot get in. The membranes are used with layered roofing materials and when combined and used right by a professional contractor they will stop anything mother nature is able to bring onto your structure from getting in.

So you see it’s simple first invest a little more in quality materials from big-name manufacturers. Second, use high-quality roofing membranes. And three, get a good roofer to put down the layers and combine the quality materials. Follow these 3 steps and your home or business will be 100% waterproof.

Bronx Roofer FAQ

Is a new roof affordable?

Yes! By purchasing our material and equipment in bulk we get competitive rates and our staff and team are all experienced, so we are fast and efficient.

For those close which need financing we work with 3rd party lenders, so you don’t need to delay necessary upgrades.

What is the most common roof type in the Bronx?

In the Bronx and NYC in general flat roofs are by far the most common occurrence. They provide numerous benefits for life in the city, and for over 20 years we have been perfecting the inspection and installation process.

Does Royal Renovators Inc offer a warranty?

When we do a job, we do it right the first time. This means our qualified team will make sure the repair and installation will last as long as the product manufacturers have specified.

Is it better to repair or replace my roof?

Sometimes a roof only requires repair to be safe and function properly.  Warning signs like leaks, discoloration, or warping are obvious signals but an experienced roofer will be able to tell if the damage is structural or cosmetic.  This is why we offer inspections to all clients no matter the roof material.

How do I choose a roofing contractor?

It is most important to have experienced contractors when working with something like a roof. A local company that knows the challenges that are unique to the weather and construction in your neighborhood is also important. It goes without saying that a legitimate company that is licensed and insured is vital for quality and safety. Royal renovators meet all these qualifications and more, serving the Bronx and NYC area.

What service do you offer in the Bronx?

 We specialize in providing flat roof solutions to all our local clients corporate and residential, there is no job too small or too large. Shingled roofs are also a specialty for us and handle every step from inspection, installation, and repairs.

We also do vinyl siding and window installations, gutters, and more with our experienced team.

What are the benefits of vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is replacing older wood exteriors in the Bronx area. It is inexpensive, easy and inexpensive to maintain, and last over 25 years.

Will my gutters need to be replaced when a new roof is installed?

The answer is… it depends. It depends on the quality and shape of the gutters first of all, since they might be old, rusted or damaged. An experienced roofer will know how to work around or temporarily remove and reinstall gutters which are worth keeping. In the inspection process, we will be able to advise what is best for your situation.

How can I maintain my roof to make it last longer?

Some maintenance tasks can be done on your own, with safety precautions. Clearing foreign debris from all roof types is important, When sticks, leaves or anything that holds moisture can potentially damage the roof. The gutters also should be cleaned occasionally to create an exit for water.

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