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Royal Renovators is a Top Rated Local® Roofing Contractor and exterior renovation company serving the greater New York City Metro area. We serve all five of NYC’s boroughs and Nassau County, too. We’ll deliver superior roofing services, siding, brickwork, gutter systems, and window installations, all with neighborly customer service. Our roofing services are second to none. We are the experts to turn to for residential or commercial roofing and flat or shingles roofing. We use only the best materials, and our employees are well trained to ensure installation quality.

Shingle Roofing

  • If your home or commercial building has a pitched or angled roof, you’ll have shingles covering the structure.
  • The roof protects your home or building from the ravages of the elements. In doing so, it adsorbs the abuse that ice, wind, and intense heat dole out.
  • If your current asphalt shingles are showing signs of damage, such as loss of granules or curling at the edges, it may be time to consider a whole-roof replacement.
  • Royal Renovators Inc. is a factory certified roofing contractor, backed by GAF Materials, America’s largest shingle manufacturer.
  • Our lifetime warranty ensures that you will not need to worry about roof leaks or 25 to 50 years or more.

Flat Roofing

  • Are you tired of applying roof tar to your flat rubber roof membrane? Is the flat roof still leaking after years of faulty repairs?
  • Flat rubber roofing is our specialty at Royal Renovators Inc.
  • Whether it’s an SBS rubber or APP torch down roof that exists on your brownstone, townhouse, row house, or attached property, our expert roofing craftsmen are specially trained and experienced in handling all flat roofing needs.
  • Depending on the condition of your current flat roof, we can do a tear-off or a layover to give you a watertight, durable flat roof.
  • We offer a warranty for waterproofing for flat roofs for the lifetime of the materials.
  • We are flat roof experts. We install SBS membrane self-adhered cap and base sheets, Karnak brand roofing, and flashing cement.
  • Our flat roofing produces the most watertight surface possible on a customer’s home or commercial building.

Commercial Roofing

  • Your commercial building is an investment worth protecting. Whether it is a mom and pop shop or you own a apartment building, it’s a large part of your financial portfolio. Real estate prices continue to recover with values increasing by significant amounts every year. Don’t let a bad roof be the cause of the depreciation of your property, Instead, keep your value increasing with an investment in a new roof.

Residential Roofing

  • Your home is your castle, and it needs upkeep to keep your family snug and help protect the structure of your home safe from the elements. A leaking roof can damage the interior and degrade the structural integrity of your house. Your home represents a significant financial and emotional investment in your life, and keeping the roof water tight is essential to maintaining your home’s health and your investment.
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