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We keep the cost of the renovation budget-oriented because we understand the present economy and the financial constraints homeowners are facing. We do this by purchasing materials in bulk, which we are able to do because we specialize in roofing, siding, and windows and are able to make large-scale purchases from suppliers. We also focus on working quickly and efficiently, completing most of our roofing projects in just one day, and siding renovations to under a week.

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With quality workmanship, our company is able to retain customers for life and create networks of family and friends to recommend us in the future. As such, focusing on high-quality remodeling is the way we stay in business. We achieve quality workmanship by hiring only the most qualified roofing, siding, and window mechanics to comprise our crews. Our window installers are trained by the American Architectural Manufacturing Association, or AAMA, to install windows from an architectural standpoint so that they are impervious to moisture or hot and cold infiltration. Our roofing and siding mechanics have a minimum of 15 years experience in their respective fields, and as such they are able to achieve top quality workmanship on every job.


At the end of the day, you are seeking a contractor for a reason. To fix a leaky roof or prevent a leak, to make the home more energy efficient and beautiful with new windows, and to change the appearance of your home with new insulated siding. We make sure that once we leave, your windows will stay sealed for the lifetime of the product. When our roofers are finished with the project, the roof surface will remain watertight for the full expected lifetime of the roofing product. Most importantly, we make sure you enjoy your home more, and we do that with correct installation methods that are designed to last, and with careful planning before and during the installation so that this installation is the last one you will ever need.


In the 21st century, customers are savvy. Powered by the internet, modern day consumers are knowledgeable, prepared, and expect nothing less than top quality customer service. We at Royal Renovators do not try to outsmart customers. Rather, we focus on the customer, because that is the reason we are in the industry–to serve our customers. A perfect installation means nothing if the customer is not satisfied. To keep our customers satisfied, we start with a friendly, no-pressure sales process. Our estimators are educators, conducting free inspections and offering price quotes good for the future, so our customers can compare our offer to other estimates. The pre-install inspection process is also our way of keeping customer satisfaction high. Before our installation, our crew prepares to remeasure, recalculate materials, and speak with each customer multiple times before the installation day, that way there are no miscommunications and everything goes smoothly come the day of. Finally, our office staff is ready and available every day of the week to answer questions, in a friendly professional manner.
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