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Royal Roofing & Siding Brooklyn

At the heart of the New York boroughs, Brooklyn has had, and will always have, its own, distinct character of toughness mixed with an artistic sensibility. Our company is known for our cultural diversity and entrepreneurship. It is these things that make us quintessentially American, and thoroughly “New York.” We like to think that those are the characters that Royal roofing contractors embodies too. Toughness, craftsmanship, and good business sense. We are the residential and commercial exterior contractor to turn to in Kings County for fair and quality roofing in Bronx NY and exterior contracting services.

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Roof Repair & Siding:

  • Royal Renovators are the roofing contractors to turn to for any type of exterior problem.
  • We do flat roof layovers, tear-offs, new installations and repairs.
  • Pitched roofs can be repaired, replaced or installed as well.
  • Besides flat roofs, we do asphalt, clay and slate shingles and can even repair the chimney while we are up there.
  • We use quality materials such as GAF shingles.
  • We handle small and large projects, residential and commercial.
  • We offer free, no-obligation estimates for you, and always work within your stated budget.


  • Replacing old, leaky windows with new, energy-efficient windows can make a substantial difference to your energy bills.
  • Keep our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with quality window installs from Royal renovators
  • All of our window installer workers are trained by American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

Custom/Seamless Gutters, Cleaning & Maintenance:

  • Gutters work to keep moisture away from your foundation and secure the integrity of your home.
  • Making sure your gutters are well maintained keeps your house safe.
  • Good gutter maintenance can also help avoid ice dams during the winter months which can damage to roofs.
  • Our gutter installations are done at the highest level of quality.
  • We install seamless gutters with nearly invisible fasteners.

Brickwork and Cement:

  • New York wet and cold winters deliver a blow to cement and brick work.
  • Any moisture that can get into small cracks will freeze and expand, turning fine cracks into big cracks that can lead to deterioration of brickwork and large, dangerous cracks in sidewalks.
  • Royal Renovators repairs all manner of brickwork, from house walls to chimneys.
  • We repair and replace cement sidewalks and driveway too.
  • Keep passerby safe and yourself clear of liability with the good upkeep of sidewalks.

Other Exterior Services:

  • There are parts of the exterior of your house that you don’t give much thought until something goes wrong.
  • The fascia and the flashing are two such areas.
  • The fascia is the horizontal part of the roof that is under the eaves.
  • The flashing is the metal trim work of the roofing that is often the victim of windy weather.
  • Repairing and replacing stucco exterior of walls is yet another service we offer.

Besides handling all the exterior services your house could need, we are the choice because of your other qualities as well. We are budget minded, not stuffing a hard sell down your throat. No, we respect your budget and know you need to keep to it. We emphasize customer service from our first contact through the free estimate stage to the completion of the job. Call Royal Renovators, NYC’s Top Rated Local® Roofing Contractor and get the Royal treatment!

Flat roof install in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn!

Flat Roof Install

Royal Renovators are the exterior maintenance and renovation company to turn to for roofing, gutters, siding, and many other exterior services. We specialize in roofing and do installations, tear offs, layovers, and shingled roofs. In Royal Renovation you will find a company that exemplifies great customer service and commitment to providing quality work for the people of NYC.

As you can see from our involvement in the litter removal project that we are committed to the community and to the people of New York City and the Long Island Counties that we serve. We are committed to offering quality roofing to protect your investments, your homes, and your businesses.


Flat Roofing Challenges

One place we know that quality is of the utmost importance is on the installation of flat roofs. Flat roofing has challenges that pitched, shingle roofs do not. Because of this, extra care is needed in certain aspects of this type of roofing. We will look at a few of those challenges now.

  • Pitched roofs have gravity to help the water flow down the roof and into the gutters. Flat roofs have to deal with the potential of water pooling on the surface, and if the roofing material is not sealed properly, leaking through to the under layers and even into the living or commercial space in the building. To ensure this doesn’t happen, flat roofs can’t be actually flat. A slight slope must be maintained to ensure the flow of water to the drains and gutters.
  • The most common place for leaks to occur on a flat roof is the connecting points. These points are where the roofing material meets ends at the edges of roof, at the chimney, and around all the other elements that can be found on a roof, such as skylights.
  • If the plywood has sustained water damage, it can lead to a failure of the roof. The last thing you need is a roof that gives way when it is walked on or collapses under a heavy, wet New York snow. That’s why we replace the plywood substrate when it is called for when working on a roof, whether it is flat or pitched.

We know that a quality job is worth the extra time it takes to complete. Sure, you might be able to find a less expensive quote if you look long enough, but we know that our prices are fair given the high quality of work that we guarantee. When you hire Royal Renovators, you’ll be getting a team of roofers dedicated to the highest level of customer service and craftsmanship that will ensure that your flat roof lasts and performs.