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Every roof has an expiration date. The type of material, the age, and wear and tear experienced by your roof are all factors that contribute to the durability of your roof. These factors can seem rather abstract unless you really know roofs, as Royal Renovators does. We know the subtle signs to look for and will find anything that, left unrepaired, could lead to major damage to the roof and the building below. Royal Renovators uses knowledgeable and experienced roofing professionals to perform thorough roof inspections. We can catch small issues before they turn into major headaches as well as provide clean bills of health for your roof.

Why Get Your Roof Inspected?

  • How many years ago was your roof checked out?
  • If it’s been 5-10 years, it may be time for a professional roofing inspection.
  • A clean bill of health can accompany the free roof estimate or a price quote for any necessary repairs.
  • An inspection and any necessary preventive maintenance can save you money and damage.
  • A roof inspection can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in costly roof repair or even replacement work in the future if a small problem is caught at the right time.
  • We can also issue clean bills of health that can be used to show insurance agencies that damage was caused by a storm.
  • If you are considering putting your home or commercial property on the real estate market, it’s a good time to have your roof inspected to avoid surprises for the real estate agent or mortgage appraiser by making sure that your roof is in good condition before it goes on the market.

Choose Royal Renovators

  • The well-trained and experienced roofing experts at Royal Renovators know the ins and outs of every type of roofing material.
  • We work with flat roofs, shingle roofs, slate, clay, and wood shingle pitched roofs and have been in serving customers around the NYC metro area since 1993.
  • Because we also repair chimney brickwork, gutters, fascia and flashing, we understand the roof as a whole system that must function smoothly, with all the pieces doing their jobs, for the roof to function properly and be durable.

What Do We Inspect?

  • A professional roofing inspection ensures that every aspect of the roof is viewed and inspected.
  • We will inspect the roof for damaged flashing and compromised shingles,such as curled shingles or shingles with a great loss of granules.
  • We also look at the flat rubber membranes, parapet wall damage, or soft and rotted plywood decking.
  • We will check the peripheral, but highly important elements of the fascia, the flashing, and even the health of the chimney brickwork. We will look for anything that could eventually lead to costly damage to the structure of your home or the contents therein.
  • Our certified roof inspectors are available for immediate inspections and free estimates, so give us a call to schedule your roof inspection today.
  • When you need your roof inspected, be sure to call the reliable professionals at Royal Renovators. We serve the five boroughs of NYC, as well as Nassau County. We are committed to both the quality of our work and to customer satisfaction.
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