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Many commercial buildings, apartments, or condo buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx have flat roofs. As you get further out into the neighborhoods in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, there are more free-standing homes with flat roofs as well. Flat roofs are a perfect fit for some modern architectural styles, and they give urban buildings valuable extra space. They also create some distinct and unique issues that you’ll be facing when dealing with maintenance and repairs for your flat roof.

Unique Flat Roofs Issues

  • The most distinct issues of flat roofing stem from the fact that they are, of course, flat.
  • They have to be built with a subtle slope that facilitates the runoff of rain and snow melt. Flat roofs are covered with one of several types of membranes.
  • These overlapping, waterproof sheathes work together to keep water from reaching the vulnerable structural elements and personal possessions of the occupants of the building.
  • The points where different sheets of membranes meet, and the all important flashing, are points that are often the source of leaks.

The Importance of Flat Roof Inspections and Maintenance

  • Because of the inherent weak points where sheets of membranes meet and flashing points, it is important to be vigilant about inspecting and maintaining your flat roof.
  • You should check for puddles on your roof after a rain, and listen for flapping sounds in a wind that can indicate a loose sheet of membrane.
  • Besides puddles, be on the lookout for cracks in the membrane. Even a properly installed flat roof can experience wear and tear from use and weathering.
  • In addition to personally checking for these signs, you should call Royal Renovators for a free annual inspection.
  • Catching a problem early may mean we can simply apply some maintenance techniques to your flat roof, rather than an expensive repair.
  • If you allow maintenance to be neglected, the damage may progress to emergency status where you’ll need to replace the entire roof, as well as repair any interior damage.

Royal Renovators are Flat Roofing Experts

We have over 20 years of experience in flat roofing, and we know how to lay down the most watertight flat roofing.
We do both layover roofs, where we add a layer of SBS membrane self-adhered cap and base sheet installations, and tear offs, where we remove the old, worn roofing material and start over, giving you the best in waterproof flat roofing that you can get in the metro New York area.
If your roof has subsurface damage, you can count on us to repair or replace the plywood beneath the roofing materials, so that you have peace of mind that your roof has structural integrity as well a waterproof surface.
Experience has taught us that using the best material pays off in durability, and when the best materials are combined with our expert flat roof installation, we can deliver the best flat roofs in the metro New York City area.

Call Royal Renovators for roofing replacement, roofing inspection, and maintenance. We are available 24 / 7 for emergencies as well.

Flat Roof Tear Offs in Queens

Flat roofs are everywhere in queens. From Jackson Heights to Howard Beach, small streets and boulevards of Queens are lined with buildings with flat roofs, from small businesses to apartment buildings and municipal building. If you are an owner of a building with a flat roof, then you know the vigilance it takes to make sure that retain their waterproof qualities. When you have a flat roof that needs major repair or overhaul, you have two main options: a layover and a tear off.

When is a Flat Roof Tear Off Called For?

  • There are several situations that call for a flat roof to be totally removed and then replaced.
  • If there has been a leak that has gotten the insulation wet, you’ll need to tear off the old roof and replace it. Similarly, if the decking, the plywood beneath the roofing material, is damaged from moisture or years of wear and tear, it will have to be replaced as well. If you already have several layers of roofing built up, you will automatically be in the tear off category.
  • When a flat roof tear off is called for, we will completely remove the old roofing, replace any damaged plywood or insulation, and then install a brand new flat roof.
  • We can use SBS membrane self-adhered cap and base sheet installations, to Karnak brand roofing and flashing cement, our flat roofing projects benefit from over 20 years of flat roofing experience to produce the most watertight surface possible on a customer’s home.
  • When we do a roof replacement we also make sure that all joints, flashing and eaves are in great shape and won’t let any water in to create future problems.

Flat Roofing is for More Than Just Apartment Building Roofs

It seems natural to picture the roof of a house or a high rise apartment building when someone says something about flat roofing. But flat roofs can be found on more structures than just those. Churches, municipal buildings, and businesses all depend on flat roofs to keep their interiors safe from the elements and for extra usable space. People from all five boroughs depend on flat roofs to do what they need to do, with no leaks or holes from weakened sub-structures. Royal Renovators is the roofing company that New Yorkers can depend on for the highest quality roofing work. Sure, we also do siding, gutters, brick work and more, but roofing is our main occupation.

Flat Roofing Saves Structures

Another space that people forget falls under the flat roofing umbrella is porches. If you have an elevated porch, you need to make sure it’s in good condition and doesn’t suffer from exposure to the elements. If the sub-structure becomes weakened from wood that is rotten as a result of exposure to moisture, you could have a real disaster on your hands. People could get hurt, and the porch may need expensive, very costly repairs, or rebuilding. It is far better to ensure that the porch is maintained properly and one way to do that is to have Royal Renovators lay down waterproof flat roofing.

When you need flat roofing on a house, apartment complex, church, municipal building, or on a porch, call Royal Renovators.

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