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Manhattan, the island at the center of New York City, is alive with all its culture, bustles with busy lives, amid the business of the big city. For tourists and new arrivals, it seems a world of wonder, and that is not far off, even if you were born and raised here but you also know, have grown up seeing the hard work that goes into maintaining the buildings of this great city. Scaffolding along the streets nearly a ubiquitous as waves on the beaches of Long Island. True New Yorkers wouldn’t have it any other way. Royal Renovators Roofing Contractors is proud to play a part in the upkeep and constant upgrading of your great city. We know we play a vital role in the city with our roofing services.

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Flat Roof Installation & Repair

  • Flat roofing is very NYC, from movie scenes to songs about dreams hatched ‘up on the roof,” flat exteriors are a way of life here.
  • We all know that they have to be maintained and waterproofed so they don’t leak and destroy the integrity of the building as well as the possessions of the tenant and residents.
  • Royal Renovators at NYC’s Top Rated Local® Contractor for many reasons.
  • We do tear-off and layovers as well as waterproofing, installation of new roofing and repairs on existing exteriors.
  • We do pitched roofs too, including asphalt, slate and clay tiles.
  • We use only the best materials such as GAF tiles, with impressive warranties.

Custom & Seamless Gutters

  • We can replace your old, leaky gutter system with a new, seamless gutter system.
  • Seamless gutter systems look great, but the lack of seams also minimizes the possibilities of leaks.
  • We use invisible fasteners so the sleek look of seamlessness is not interrupted.

Brick Work and Cement

  • When the grout of your brick work starts to show wear, call Royal Renovators and have us come to repair it.
  • Faulty grout in brickwork can lead to bigger problems including leaks that can cause substantial structural damage as well as liability for tenant’s possessions.
  • Timely upkeep of brickwork is an important maintenance duty for owners of brick buildings.
  • It is also important to do upkeep of your cement sidewalks and driveways.
  • Passersby, as well as tenants and customers, need to be able to move on the exterior of your building in safely.
  • Cracks that develop from water seeping into small cracks, and expanding and contracting with freezing temperature, can cause dangerous situations for people and raise your liability.
  • Call us out to do repair and upkeep and stay safe!

Manhattan Windows

  • Windows are an integral part of your insulation plan for a building or home.
  • Up to ⅓ of a home or commercial business’s energy losses can occur through energy inefficient windows.
  • New windows help keep the in the cool air in summer and the warm air in the winter.
  • New windows also increase the value of your home or business, and as such are always a good investment.


Other services include chimney repair, fascia, flashing and installation of new siding on homes and businesses. Call Royal Renovators today and get the Royal NYC Roofing Treatment.


Why Is Flat Roofing So Popular In Manhattan?

Flat roofing is the roof material of choice in Manhattan because the majority of the structures in the Big Apple are apartment buildings. Larger buildings benefit off flat roofing due to it’s ease of installation, low cost and extra layers of protection. Although sloped roofing may look nicer to the eye, it cannot compare to flat roofing in terms of protection and cost


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