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Before You Start A Roofing Project: A CHECKLIST
November 29, 2017

Things Need to Know Before Roofing Project Begins

As the roof is one of the most crucial structural components of the building, always make sure that you get an effective and durable roof. A roof is the protecting shield against all seasonal factors. Replacing or installing a new roof is not an easy job. Roofing projects are big budget projects. There are several important things which need consideration before the roofing project is begun.

Roof Material:

Let’s start with the roofing material. It is very important to think about the best roofing material that also fits into your budget. Your roof should be strong enough to provide protection to you and your valuables. How to choose the right roofing material? Climate is the key to determining the right roofing material. Rain, snow, wind and the sun all give you the guidance for the selection of roofing style and material. In windy locations clay tiles can serve for a long period of time. Clay tiles provide strong surface and they are also ideal for hot regions. For windy and hot locations shingles are not the best option. Metal roofing is also a great option. Sheet metal roofing is also available in a wide range of variety. Metal roofing is long lasting and durable option for both residential and commercial roofing.

Roof Structure:

Roofing structure is another key factor which plays an important role in making your home roof a strong protective shield. The structure of the roof will determine what type of material it can grip. If you have a flat roof, then a rubber material might be the best choice as it will provide you a flawless, seamless and leak proof finish.

Think about the climate and roofing structure before choosing the material. Your home is your most critical investment so spending time on the selection of the roofing material is better than spending time and money for repairing. So go for top quality roofing materials like GAF shingles (if you’re in the market for shingles).

Roof Style:

The roof of your house gives the curb appeal to your home’s architecture. For a traditional look tile is the best choice while metal roofing can give a modern feel.


For a home owner the material which provides long lasting protection is the first priority. But most of us are not well aware of the material durability. So it is very important to visit a certified roofing company (Houzz approved) and get all the necessary information.

Roof contractor:

Shop around, not every roofer is concerned for their clients’ consummation. So be careful and make sure you hire a sincere and competent contractor. Check out their license or work permits for roofing projects. You can consult lists of certified contractors on roofing manufacturer websites like GAF and TAMKO. You can also check out their reputation and background. Moreover, you can utilize the reviews from homeowners who had taken their services. Attentively handle the paperwork, usually a written contract is signed between homeowner and contractor. This contract contains all the details of products and cost of the project.

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