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Facts You Ought To Know About Different Roofing Materials

Right from the history of humankind, humans have always strived to create means to protect themselves from unfavorable elements. From slabs of rock to wood and thatches of grass, all have offer protection to man, but all have great limitations and coupled with constant fluctuations in climate and weather, there’s an urgent need for man […]

The Easiest & Safest Ways To Choose New Roofing

Having a roof that doesn’t leak is an important part of homeownership.  Deciding what to use for materials used to be fairly simple but now there are a lot of choices available.  Each choice has its pluses and minuses. Asphalt shingles are probably the most common roofing material.  This is not only because it is […]

The Best Roofing Materials For Summer Heat

The roof is undeniably an important aspect of a building.  It is an essential part of the building that provides protection from various elements for the building occupants and what’s more, it adds an overwhelmingly aesthetic value to the building. Rooftops aside from the aesthetic features it brings to the building; they shield homes and buildings from the conditions […]

DIY Roof Spring Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Thousands

Spring is on the horizon and that means your roof is definitely due for a cleaning and inspection. If you're like us and live in New York, or any other area where it rains and snows often, this read is a must for you. If you have neglected to check your roof periodically after heavy […]

What Are The Pros Of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing has increased in popularity over the last 5 years. With rising energy costs and a new “green” culture many Americans are taking advantage of the energy efficiency of metal exteriors. In addition, the extreme durability and resistance of metal roofing in severe weather conditions like hail and wind has also been alluring to […]

Before You Start A Roofing Project: A CHECKLIST

Things Need to Know Before Roofing Project Begins As the roof is one of the most crucial structural components of the building, always make sure that you get an effective and durable roof. A roof is the protecting shield against all seasonal factors. Replacing or installing a new roof is not an easy job. Roofing […]

Winterize Your Roof Or Get Your Wallet Ready

Winter is on the horizon and it’s set to bring some serious roofing related issues with it. Problems in the roofing, siding or gutters of a structure have a “trickle down effect” that causes problems to external and internal  aspects of the structure. Improper planning and sheer ignorance will likely lead to billions of dollars […]

Which Roofing Material Lasts The Longest in New York

There are numerous factors which may affect your roofing material such as, weather conditions, building construction quality, architectural design, roof maintenance and of course the quality of material installed. Every homeowner wants to invest in a long lasting material and give themselves the best chance at a long lasting roof. In this article we will […]

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