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What Are The Pros Of Metal Roofing?
February 20, 2018

Metal roofing has increased in popularity over the last 5 years. With rising energy costs and a new “green” culture many Americans are taking advantage of the energy efficiency of metal exteriors. In addition, the extreme durability and resistance of metal roofing in severe weather conditions like hail and wind has also been alluring to homeowners. Many have stayed away from metal roofing due to the fact it’s initial cost is roughly twice that of shingle roofing.

However, the Metal Roofing Alliance of America has released studies that prove that over the course of 60 years the cost of Metal exteriors versus shingles is a 1/3rd less than it’s counterpart.

In order to help you make the correct decision for your home, we will share some critical Variables To Consider For Potential Metal Roofing Consumers:


Metal roof exteriors shed snow like a charm. The panels and insulation along with it’s dark surface contribute to high R-values (a measure of thermal resistance) which in turn melt the snow quickly.

Heat conduction.

In the winter, metal melts snow fast, while in the summer metal reflects heat. Metal has the ability to reflect radiant heat coming from the sun which is the culprit of major heat gain in a home. This results is significantly cheaper cooling costs and explains the aforementioned long term savings of metal exteriors.


Compared to Asphalt, Metal roofing is a breeze to install due the fact it’s sold in large 12”-36” panels and is extremely lightweight when compared to it’s competition. Furthermore, it requires a very small roof pitch when compared to other roofing materials. Metal only needs to rise 3 inches for each horizontal foot. Time is money; a really vulnerable roof during the peak of a stormy season can quickly be replaced with a new metal roof before the next storm front hits.


It’s clear that metal roofing has a lot to offer and is starting to take it’s fair share of the market. Although many still prefer the low initial costs of Asphalt shingles, metal roofing holds a bright future in the roofing industry.

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