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4 Signs That Your Flat Roofs Need Replacement
January 15, 2022

For your flat roof to show signs of replacement, it simply means you have been using it for quite some time. Even if it doesn’t complete its expected life span, you must have used it for a while.

Can you remember when you first installed your flat roof?

The leverage, varieties, aesthetics, and simplicity made you buy and choose it as your primary roof. And eventually, you installed it on your building.

Now, we can’t really say how long you’ve been using your roof, but you sure know that it has a lifespan and can develop issues before the end of its lifespan. In fact, your flat roof tends to develop problems when it moves closer to the end of its lifespan.

Although it largely depends on how well you have and are able to manage it. But at the same time, you should equip yourself with this knowledge so you use it at the right time.

These signs are things you might know especially if you have repaired your roof before, but you should know that the extreme of these signs shows that you need a new flat roof immediately.

These are signs that your flat roof needs replacement;

Frequent Water Pooling

This is one of the major problems flat roof owners faces. Water pooling is also called ponding water or standing water. When water stays on your roof for more than 48 hours, it simply means that you have a pooling water problem. As common as it is, it is also easy to fix. But when left alone, it can cause a lot of damages to your roof.

Since water pooling is a common problem, a simple repair would do. But when it becomes frequent, and you spend money to repair it frequently, it’s a sign that you need to replace the roof. So, you can avoid further damages. This shows that the roof is susceptible to water and sooner or later, it would lead to leaks.

Bubbling And Blistering

Bubbling and blistering occur when air is trapped between layers and membranes of your roofs. It can be a small issue at first. Some roofing professionals even advise that you ignore it for a while but then it can be dangerous.

What could cause air to become trapped in the layers of your roof? You might ask.

They could be caused by poor installation, bad insulation, poor ventilation, and many more. Now, when your roof gets to the stage that it has many obvious blistering and bubbling that you can’t even count then you need to replace it as soon as possible. Failure to replace it can cause further problems.

Moisture And Leaks

This is another problem you will encounter when using a flat roof. Leaks can be repaired but they can also be tricky. Many things can cause leaks but needless to say, pooling water, cracks, and many more can cause leaks. When the leaks become too much that you can’t even trace their source, then you need to change your roof.

Organic Growth

When molds, algae, and other organic growth have a vibrant presence on your roof, it means you have to change your roof completely.

The aforementioned signs are signs that show that your roof needs replacement. But you shouldn’t just depend on this, you should contact your local roofer to do a proper inspection, you never can tell, your roof might need repair, not replacement. For a roof replacement, repair and consultation, contact us at Bushwick Roofing, 519 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, 718-285-7841, [email protected].

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