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Common Flat Roofing Problems You Should Know
August 23, 2021

One thing with flat roofs is the challenge of finding out the exact point or cause of any flat roofing problem that may come your way. With flat roofs, things are not always what they seem to be. As water can sit between layers of roof materials for a while before getting into the house, the visible point outside may be far from the point where the leak becomes noticeable inside the house.

As you can hardly predict when you might face a roof problem, it’s wise to invest in roofing inspection and maintenance. Here are some of the common flat roofing problems you might encounter as a homeowner or property manager.


Openness is the foundation of all flat roof issues. Since your roof is constantly exposed to the sun and different components, damage is inevitable. And regardless of how strong your roofing material is, so far it is exposed to these elements, it will surely get weaker.

Flat roof issues associated with openness include lightning strikes, freezing, hail or wind harm. There are also some uncommon openness issues. Nevertheless, your local professional roofer will be able to do the task.


Ponding means having a pool of water on your roof. If this pool stands long enough, it will look for ways to penetrate your roof, which will later result in leaking.


After an extensive stretch of ponding, it will leave watermarks on your roof, allowing water to penetrate on the next attempt.


Greenery, parasites, lichen, and weeds are signs that there has been a development of water.

Breaking Or Extending At Joints Or Corners

With age, the flexible materials that make up the waterproof layers of your roof can break or tear due to drying out or extending. This is normal with roofs made of elastic or EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer).


This is a point you see a bubble on your roof surface. One day it may blast, giving water direct access into your home. Bleb and other surface deformities, for example, “alligatoring,” are normal on flat roofs. Alligatoring happens to a flat roof layer that has decayed like croc skin. Most surface imperfections are a product of over-openness to the sun or immersed protection.

Rusted Or Missing Roof Nails

Bare nails on more seasoned properties can turn your roof into a water passage point as they rust or drop out.


Flat roofs are susceptible to the effects of harsh storms, leading to wears and tears.  This is the reason why roofing inspection is significant after a significant climate occasion has happened. You should also watch for anything added to your flat roof that uses nails or fastens to hold it in place. It not only paves the way for water but also terminates your roof warranty.

Eliminate Garbage

It’s advisable to ensure that water runs freely in all the gutter around the house, especially on your flat roof.


Holes are common to flat roofs. When this occurs, flat roofs will lose their capacity to shed water especially if it’s not maintained regularly. When dampness can’t absorb moisture from the roof, it will indeed discover and pave its way into the building.

Flat roof holes might appear harmless; however, they can cause severe issues if not considered and repaired immediately.

Structural Development

Structural development or warm development is the regular extension and condensation of a building’s surroundings depending on temperature. This is a  normal event that can prompt development in getting the material together just as the whole structure.

Business structures are particularly inclined to warm development when indoor cooling makes the structure’s inside temperature very different from the outer climate. This complex development makes flat roofs layers break and split around entrances, creases, and other blazing subtleties.


Your roof should be free from leaves, tree appendages, soil/mud, dust, etc. Or even if it has, it should be in limited quantity. However, this debris, mostly in dead leaves, can be eliminated by leaf-blowing or pressing factor washing.

Biological Growth

Development can shape in any stale water—an unattended pool with no flow of water. For instance, when ponding water on a level rooftop is stagnant for a long period, vegetation and green growth (algae) will come into form.  A messy roof will be less intelligent and, at last, affect both the inside and outside temperatures of your building.

Routine cleaning is an absolute necessity for roofs in danger of ponding water and indications of biological development. Therefore, your roof inspection should cover all this.


Shrinkage happens on flat roofs produced using single-ply rubber membrane-like EPDM (a typical single-ply material). It makes seams delaminate and separate in different layers permitting tiny openings to mold in the roof surface.

EPDM, however, is a famous preference in the development of flat roofs because of its toughness. All EPDM roofs will ultimately encounter shrinkage. But regular shrinkage can be sped up by mistakes in the assembling or installment of the roof layer.

No Proper Maintenance

Maybe the single most significant reason for untimely roof disappointment is neglecting to perform routine maintenance. The entirety of the previously mentioned flat roof issues is effectively preventable with a standard upkeep plan and business roof inspections. Moreover, they can be fixed with the use of a liquid-applied roof rebuilding framework.

Preventing the mess is better than clearing it. Although your insurance may cover you for any serious issues, a major event might affect your future protection expenses. Therefore, you should always maintain your roof.

If your roofing system continually breaks or experiences any of the different issues referenced above, plan a free roof inspection with Royal Roofing Queens Contractors at the earliest opportunity. We are always ready and eager to offer you a thorough roof inspection. Get in touch with us now at 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 414-6067 https://www.nycrenovators.com/.

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