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Fun, Useful, & Creative Ways To Use A Flat Roof
October 9, 2018

You have a flat roof and time on your hand, and you’re unsure how the two may complement each other. Flat roofs have been around for a long while; however, they haven’t been the center of attention in the past. Technological and societal innovations have reinvented the typical ‘flat roof’ as a hub via which we may be able to do things that normally we wouldn’t have been able to with a sloped roof. Let’s go through a few fun and not-too-expensive things you can get into and make the most of the flat roof you have!


Flat roofs give us the ultimate advantage of not having to worry that you or your stuff might roll off the edge if left unattended. That being said, star-grazing is a fun activity that many enthusiasts indulge all over the globe. However, this may be a hobby that is best suited in sub-urban settings since smog in metropolitan and urban cities tend to block out the view. This hobby requires a one-time fee which is invested in using a decent telescope, which you may find for around $300. Read up on scientific literature and get your scopes out, and look into the starry night for inspiration!

Pigeon Coop

Pigeons have been domesticated for a very long time now, and the most useful quality that these birds have is the ability to return to their nesting/feeding site without getting lost. If you have a flat roof, you can make a pigeon coop where you can keep as many pigeons as you can! The bulk of the money spent would be for making a coop (Or buy one) and purchasing the pigeons by a seller. Pigeons frequently breed so you might not have to buy more than 2. Note, however, that this hobby requires you to feed your pigeons regular and keeping their immediate environment clean. The pigeons will come and go frequently, and if you love animals, this is a very easy step to get closer to them!

Roof-Top Garden

Gardens are another step to get closer to nature. Since sunlight is essential for healthy plant growth, professional and amateur gardeners prefer to have their plants on the rooftop, where the exposure to the sun and other factors such as clean air is high. Furthermore, some people believe that noise pollution also hinders the growth of a plant. If you like gardening, you can create your very own roof-top garden and reap the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Install Solar Roofing Panels

In the next few generations, fossil fuels will be a thing of the past. Get on board the modernist train and install solar panels for a more renewable source of energy – the sun! The immediate benefits of this are that you’re essentially playing your part in making the world a better and more environmentally healthy place to live in. A bit expensive, but the chances are that your future generation will thank you immensely!

If you want to have some fun with your Brooklyn roof, great. If you need to repair or install a roof, call us now for a fast & free estimate. Ask about our seasonal maintenance plans that can save you thousands and stop winter roofing damage in it’s tracks.

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