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Flat Roof Vents: What Is The Best Way To Vent My Flat Roof?

Dampness is available on many rooftops. A recently screeded substantial deck consumes most of the day to dry out completely and when the deck is waterproofed, remaining dampness from the screeded concrete is caught without any method for getting out. The establishment of rooftop ventilation, for example, breather vents and level rooftop vents, in the […]

Flat Roof Ventilation: Are Flat Roof Vents Necessary In NY?

Flat roof ventilation is the process of installing a ventilation system in the attic area of the home. This vent aids to circulate cool air within the house for the humid season and warm air for the cold season. Flat roof vents are not needed for houses with warm roofs. However, it is necessary for […]

Pros And Cons Of EPDM Flat Roof

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, popularly known as EPDM, is a type of flat roof that is used both in residential and commercial roofing. Over the years, it has proven instrumental in building a good roof for any kind of building. But even at that, it also has deficiencies. In this article, we will explain explicitly […]

4 Signs That Your Flat Roofs Need Replacement

For your flat roof to show signs of replacement, it simply means you have been using it for quite some time. Even if it doesn't complete its expected life span, you must have used it for a while. Can you remember when you first installed your flat roof? The leverage, varieties, aesthetics, and simplicity made […]

5 Signs That Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

Typically, flat roofs get more attention regarding repairs than other roofing types because they are more susceptible to leaks than pitched roofs. This is because water settles on them and doesn't drain off quickly when it rains. Therefore, you must do regular inspection and maintenance to ascertain the quality of your flat roof. But one […]

4 Measures To Prevent Your Flat Roof From Leaking

An old English adage says, "Prevention is better than cure," which is often used by doctors and healthcare practitioners. Now, as regards roof leaking, the right sentence will be, "Preventing is better than repair." That is, preventing your roof from leaking is better than repairing it when it's leaking. While you cannot totally avoid roof […]

Tips On How To Protect Your Flat Roof

As a homeowner or property manager with a flat roofing system, you would have seen the numerous benefits a flat roof provides—energy proficiency, cost-effective installation, which you have enjoyed and still enjoying. While flat roofs have a lot of benefits, you need to be careful of problems like roof breaks, harm, and other issues that […]

The Best Flat Roofing Contractor In NY: How To Select The Best

Replacing and repairing your flat roof is a major project in your home or company; therefore, it must be taken into full consideration. When you want to install a new flat roof or run some flat roof maintenance and repairs in NY, the ultimate question is not about getting a roofer but how to select […]

NY Flat Roofing: How Much Will It Cost Me To Coat My Roof?

One of the best decisions you will ever make as a home or commercial building owner is to seal/coat your roof. Your roof is constantly exposed to natural elements like sun, air, rain, and snow, which affects its durability, effectiveness, color, and other functions. When replacing your roof is not an option because of its […]

Is Silicone The Best Flat Roof Coating Material For Me?

Of the whole flat roof coatings out there, the silicone coating is the most popular coating for many reasons. And though it may look and feel quite similar to another coating material, it is fundamentally different, unique, and afford many desirable traits. So, if you’re a property manager, home, or business facility owner still wondering […]

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