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Roofing Quote: How To Save With A Quote
January 19, 2021

One of the vital investments you can make to improve your home’s value is having a new roof installed. It’s no brainer; your roof protects your home from the elements.

A top-notch roof replacement and installation job can last for decades, regardless of the roofing materials used. A poorly installed or faulty job can lead to water damage and bring other untold difficulties to you after just a couple of years. To ensure you’d be getting the best value, a good understanding of roofing quotes is all it takes. Get quotes from three to four roofing contractors, and compare what they’re offering.

What Is A Roofing Quote? Is It The Same As A Roof Estimate?

First things first, a roofing quote is different from a roofing estimate!

A roofing estimate is a rough analysis of how much a contractor believes the whole project will cost. A roofing contractor will always apply his expertise and experience to derive an estimate. However, the project’s actual cost is never far from the estimate.

A roofing quote is a more detailed document about the roofing project. It clearly outlines all the aspects of the project, giving you more insight into how things will go. This quote or bid, once signed, becomes a contract.

Always Stay Informed

Getting a comprehensive and agreeable roofing quote hardly comes on a platter. And let’s face it, roofing and cheap are two things that rarely go in the same sentence. So when you’re looking for a roofing quote, always stay informed. Knowing what you have to know about roofing and roofing quotes will always help you land the best contract. You can easily ascertain if a roofing quote is competitive and offers the best value for your money, or if it’s cheap, pleading, and possibly a sign of impending poor job, or if it’s so overpriced. All this is possible when you’re well informed. As a rule of thumb, you will get more than two quotes, so how can you easily navigate through all these offers if you don’t know what to look out for?

Roofing Quotes Are Not Always The Same

Your roofing quotes may seem to be similar, but they are largely different on a closer look. While some bids may seem so low, others can appear too high, while others are comfortable in the middle. Whichever way, it is crucial that you understand why there’s so much disparity here. Sometimes, we can easily explain away why some contractor’s bids are so high than the others. Other times, you just cannot. Factors like overhead, equipment, warranties, and hidden costs, like permits and tear off fees, can influence roof quote. Always discuss everything with your roofing contractor.

You Can Always Negotiate The Bid

Never get too scared of the initial bid presented by any contractor. You can always negotiate with your contractor about anything in the quote. Have a budget. Make your budget flexible. Accept that there’s every chance for unexpected expenses to creep into your project.

Lastly, before you sign any contract, take your time and go through it repeatedly. Ask questions. Properly document all quotes and estimates for reference purposes.

The more you know about your choices, the better and easier it’d be for you to get a great quote. Do you want to get a competitive and comprehensive quote that will give you the best value today? Try Royal Renovators, you can visit us at 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 414-6067 https://www.nycrenovators.com.

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