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November 10, 2018

If you’re brainstorming for ideas on how to best renovate your house or how to lay the blueprint for a brand new one, the chances are that the thought of having a roof must have caught your attention.

How do you want it done? Should it be patched, or should it be flat? There are several factors to consider when going about this particular path. There are many pros but also cons to flat roof materials. However, in metropolitan and urban settings, people are starting to shift to flat roofs instead. Why? Let’s analyze some advantages and disadvantages of this roof material in relation to it’s cost, quality & longevity.


1)    Accessibility

Since the roof is flat and not tilted, it is easily accessible and getting to it is not a big hassle. The use of a ladder is all that is required to get to the roof. Furthermore, if you feel the need to have some maintenance work done, you don’t have to worry about falling off or having your stuff roll off the edge.

2)    Durability

As mentioned above, accessing the roof is very easy. Furthermore, since the structure is extremely basic and flat, the life-span of the gravel and the tar used can easily last for about 20 years or more.

3)    Space

A flat roof essentially means that you have a lot of space to store things you may not normally use in the house or renovate the free space to suit your needs and hobbies actively.  If you’re considering a flat roof for a commercial business, this gives you extra space to have a cubicle or office set up on the roof.

4)    Cost

As far as the installations and services are concerned, flat roofs are the cheapest alternative there is given that the cost is relatively very low. This is because the structure is extremely basic and you don’t essentially have to design or decorate the floor of the roof.


1)    Drainage

Since the roof is not patched or tilted, there is a high chance of little draining problem especially after it rains. In patched roofs, the water normally flows down due to gravity, but in flat roofs, it is essential to have a proper drainage system. If a puddle is formed, there are chances that the water will seep through the material the roof is made of and may cause further leaks.

2)    Life-span

The material that is normally employed when making flat roofs is a bit scarce. The most common choice people prefer to use when constructing a flat roof is bitumen, but the main disadvantages this carries is the limited lifespan, which is about 10-15 years. Alternatives are available such as PVC or polycarbonate roofing, but since these products are relatively new to the market, there is an ambiguity about how long the material will last in general. Furthermore, these materials are also relatively expensive which brings us back to the original question – if the cost is the same as a pitched roof, then why not go for aesthetics?

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