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Is It Okay To Walk On A Flat Roof?

No matter your roof type, it isn't prudent to walk on a roof. That is, you should avoid it as much as possible. Walking on a roof should be left to professional roofing contractors. If it's a less significant issue that can be fixed without involving a roofing contractor, you can consider walking on a […]

What Is The Best Material For My Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are creating big waves in the roofing industry. Nearly all modern business establishments in NYC have a flat roof, either for the whole building or a segment of the building. And thanks to technological advancements with Single-ply roofing (TPO, EPDM, and PVC), flat roofs are now moving to residential homes. There are different […]

TOP 2021 Roofing Over Deck Ideas

Do you want to install a new roof over your deck but ran out of ideas? Don't worry, I've got you covered. You'll learn all there is to know about roofing over deck ideas in the next 3 - 4 minutes. Roofing over the deck is a great way to cover your deck. It has […]

2021 Metal Roofing Sheets Price

Do you want to change your old roof to a metal roofing sheet but confused about the cost?  Or do you want to use a metal roofing sheet for your new building but don't have an idea about the costs? Then this short guide is for you. Installing a new metal roof can be complicated […]

Royal Renovators Donates Gowns To Montefiore Hospital In Bronx, NY

Besides its determination to provide all buildings in New York with the most exceptional roofing service at affordable pricing, Royal Renovators, Inc. has further shown its concern and love for New Yorkers by donating health items worth over $50,000 to a Bronx hospital. (Read The Official Bronx.com Feature On Royal Renovators: https://bronx.com/montefiore-hospital-receives-a-major-donation-from-royal-renovators-inc) So, it was […]

What Roofing Qualifies For Tax Credit?

Do you want to change your home roofing to an energy-efficient roofing option but not sure if it will qualify for the tax credit? Well, you've made the first bold step. Truth be told, many homeowners have fallen into the trap of replacing a new roof and not qualifying for the tax credit. Probably due […]

Top Summer Roofing And Maintenance Tips For 2021

Few days to summer. It's already here. The excitement is building up. Even your roof can feel it. As exciting as the months of summer can be, one thing that I doubt would ever feel so exciting to meet summer is your roof. Energy-efficient roofing or not. Summer, the hottest season, brings with it scorching […]

How To Roof A Shed: Step By Step Guide

Roofing a shed, for most people, is not as easy as building the shed walls. Building a roof shed can be overwhelming, but it could be as easy as a pie if you are just motivated. Whether you're building a new shed or reroofing an existing shed, it's necessary that you know how to go […]

Tesla's Solar Roof: Are They Worth It?

There is no denying how big the name "Tesla" has become. Known as the world's leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, they occupy a revered position in the automobile industry, so it's pretty unusual to think they'd be associated with roof systems one day. In October 2016, the Tesla CEO opened up on his company's intentions […]

The Best Roofing Types In 2021

Several factors need to be considered when selecting a type of roofing for your home or commercial structure. As there are many types of roofing systems out there, which one is best for your house can be subject to various factors. Considering these few factors can help you narrow down your options. First, you will […]

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