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How To Roof A Shed: Step By Step Guide

Roofing a shed, for most people, is not as easy as building the shed walls. Building a roof shed can be overwhelming, but it could be as easy as a pie if you are just motivated. Whether you're building a new shed or reroofing an existing shed, it's necessary that you know how to go […]

Tesla's Solar Roof: Are They Worth It?

There is no denying how big the name "Tesla" has become. Known as the world's leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, they occupy a revered position in the automobile industry, so it's pretty unusual to think they'd be associated with roof systems one day. In October 2016, the Tesla CEO opened up on his company's intentions […]

The Best Roofing Types In 2021

Several factors need to be considered when selecting a type of roofing for your home or commercial structure. As there are many types of roofing systems out there, which one is best for your house can be subject to various factors. Considering these few factors can help you narrow down your options. First, you will […]

The Top 7 Roof Styles And Designs For 2021

One of the most dreaded home improvement projects that any homeowner or property manager may wish to avoid if possible is roof replacement and installation. This is not just a massive project but one that will significantly impact your building's overall appearance. Before you pick the right roof type and material for your home, you […]

Roofing Eaves: How Necessary Are They?

One of the defining characteristics of any structure is its roof. While the roof plays a huge role in protecting you and your home, we all love our roofs to look as much appealing as possible without going over our budget in repairs and maintenance. To prevent all unnecessary expenses due to water damage in […]

All You Need To Know About Roof Flashing And Repairs

When it comes to roofing your home, you need to focus on more than just the project's cost. We all want our home to hold greater curb appeal, gorgeous, and easy to maintain, with no unnecessary burden of repairs. No one wants to be dealing with water leakages on the roofing system. You should consider […]

Roofing Quote: How To Save With A Quote

One of the vital investments you can make to improve your home's value is having a new roof installed. It's no brainer; your roof protects your home from the elements. A top-notch roof replacement and installation job can last for decades, regardless of the roofing materials used. A poorly installed or faulty job can lead […]

Roofing Felt: Why Should You Install Roofing Felt?

You already know how important your roofing system is to your home. You don’t need to be an expert in roofing to know this. Your roof protects you from the elements. That is basically all we know, and it’s okay. But have you ever wondered what goes into the whole roofing system? Maybe you think […]

When Should You Replace Your Roof? Benefits of A Roof Replacement

Having your own home is a big achievement! Maintaining it, on the other hand, can be challenging or overwhelming, especially when it comes to making substantial repairs or replacements. For instance, there will most likely come a time when you will need to consider a roof replacement. Are you beginning to wonder if yours is […]

What are the Energy Efficient Roofing Options for my NY home

These days, everyone is more interested in saving energy, thereby, money. Your favorite roofing company in New York is always there to help you make it happen. When it’s time to replace or install new roofing shingles, some roofing materials can offer the whole building better insulation, helping you save more on energy bills. The […]

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