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Why Replace Your Windows? 

  • Window replacement is the fastest way to save money on your energy bills while making the house cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Vinyl Replacement windows help to eliminate gaps and cracks around a window frame from the wood and caulking, which allows air and water infiltration easy entry into a house, and which also allows heat and cold in and out.
  • With gas, electric, and oil prices through the roof, energy efficient vinyl replacement windows can pay for themselves.
  • By keeping old, inefficient windows, you are not saving money.
  • Instead, you are literally throwing money out of the window or handing it to energy companies in the slow form of monthly bills.
  • Invest in your house, and replace those old windows with new vinyl replacement windows from Royal Renovators.
  • We use premium brand Alside windows, which have an industry low U-Factor, which slows down heat and cold transfer, keeping those energy bills up to 40% lower than before.
  • Also, new windows add curb appeal from the outside, since windows are the only part of your house that adds beauty from both the outside and inside.

Quality Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows

  • All of our window installers are AAMA Certified, that’s the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, which runs a training program called the Installation Masters Program.
  • This program which teaches window installers the correct installation methods to keep a window impervious to air and water infiltration for the lifetime of a window.
  • With new windows comes aluminum window capping, which is custom made on-site to the exact size of the window, and installed on the outside, to give the window a nice trim, as well as prevent water and air from entering into a home from around the window frame.

Choose Royal Renovators

  • Are you looking for superior quality window replacement service in NYC?
  • Royal Renovators Inc. provides affordable, energy efficient vinyl windows that replace the old windows in your home or workplace.
  • Our professional window installers routinely go the extra mile to ensure your replacement windows are installed quickly and that you are satisfied as the customer.
  • We use brand-name vinyl windows for all our replacements at the most competitive rates.

Call us to schedule a free inspection and estimate: to see how much you could be saving on energy bills!


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