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Major Differences Between Residential And Commercial Roofing
January 14, 2017

Most people think that a roof is just a roof. Of course, that is not the case.

In fact, a roof can be commercial or residential roof. Then, construction materials are different too. There are asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs and several others.

The slope and pitch of a roof differs as well. So, when defining a roof, we have to look at all different aspects.

These aspects are decided before a roof can be installed. These mostly depend on the main purpose of a property. This is why commercial and residential roofs vary greatly.


1. Design

Most commercial roofs are either flat or low-sloped. Residential roofs have a rather significant slope.

Flat roofs require additional maintenance, but are more cost-effective for large buildings. Plus, these roofs require more space for piping, smoke stacks and other similar infrastructure.

All a residential roof needs is a chimney, that too only in some cases!

2. Size and scope

Unless you’re talking about a mansion, residential properties have a smaller roof than commercial ones.

In comparison, not only are commercial roofs larger, but also vary in size from building to building.

3. Form and function 

The actual form a roof eventually takes depends on the function it has to fulfill. Homeowners want their house to be aesthetically pleasing.

Colorful shingles, designed tile and other roofing materials and styles are chosen accordingly.

However, commercial properties have none of these concerns. Think about your favorite place to eat; you remember that one dish you loved the most, but nothing about the restaurant’s roof.

These roofs have to be made in a way that protects the whole structure, provides enough space for infrastructure, and is easy to inspect and maintain. If the roof functions well, the aim is achieved!

4. Roofing material

For residential roofs, one of the most popular choices is asphalt shingles. Other options are only chosen if asphalt shingles are not suitable for a particular reason. Similarly, when it comes to commercial roofs, flat roofing is the most preferred choice. The roofing materials may, however, differ from building to building.

Most owners have to meet set regulations for their industry. Others want long-lasting solutions instead. Cost-effective material, including modified bitumen and built-up roofing membrane, are most often opted.

5. Roofing repairs and replacements

For both residential and commercial roofs, professional services are recommended for any repair and replacement project. Roofing technicians are properly trained in dealing with various material and equipment, and thus it is better left to these experienced professionals.

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