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Three Things to Know Before you Hire A Gutter Installer
January 31, 2017

A Roof protects your house from external damaging factors including environmental and weather conditions. Gutters are the protectors of these roofs and other exteriors, enabling efficient performance. These gutters prevent foundation damage from water as well as keep the landscaping safe from heavy drip edge flows.

If your house doesn’t have a gutter or if it is old and damaged, you should get one installed by calling our representatives for gutter replacement services in NYC. But first, consider the following aspects so the job is cost-effective.


1. Proper sizing of gutters is important

Gutter installation is simple engineering. However, it should be done the right way for it to work perfectly.

Simpler ones will involve a single run along the shed roof and a downspout in one corner. Multiple roof lines, gables and degree of pitch can make it slightly more complex.

The system should thus be scaled according to the square footage that is being served and potential heavy down pours in the New York City region. Remember, the latter depends on your locality as a five minute downpour can be different from city to city. The gutter design, size and coverage must thus be planned accordingly.

2. Pitch and downspouts are part of a collection system

The water collection system doesn’t only consist of gutters, but pitch and downspouts play a role too.

A basic standard 5k gutter and downspout of 2 x 3 inches can handle 600 sq feet while a 3 x 4 inch spout is sufficient for 1200 sq feet.

If you want to improve the gutters’ performance, consider installing a gutter with an increased slope. Typically, a ¼ inch slope is prepared over 10 feet, with a downspout for every 40 lineal feet. For a 50 foot run, for example, two downspouts are installed, one on each end. Steeper pitch allows for easy flow of water, however, it may cause problems during installation.


3. Open Gutters vs. Gutter Guards

To opt or not to opt for a gutter guard is a question often asked from our Queens roofers.

Does your house need one? In some cases, yes; in others, no.

If you live near greenery with lots of trees around the house, then you should get one. There is a high chance of leaf and pine needle drops that may block the gutters.

If your maintenance schedule is set and thorough, then you wouldn’t necessarily need one. That is, there is a moderate risk of things falling in it.

If you’re planning a gutter replacement or installation, call our expert technicians to help you find the best solution. All our services are of top notch quality – you are sure to be impressed!

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