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Do Your Shingles Need To Be Replaced? The Signs
September 6, 2017

Signs That Shingle Need Replacement & What to Do

A roof is something that must be maintained well or it will break down. Very often, even proper maintenance may not be enough to avoid damage. So how do you know if your shingle roof needs to be repaired or replaced? Just going up towards the roof to take a quick glance is not enough to ensure that your home exterior is up to par. If you want a long lasting and healthy home you must have your roof inspected after every major seasonal weather change. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) a roof must be properly inspected twice a year, spring and fall. Keeping the roof in good condition can prevent costly repairs. Nevertheless, many homeowners do not inspect their roof twice a year or even once a year so here are the alarming signs that your homes shingle roof needs to be replaced or repaired.

General Warning Signs:

Internal signs:

Inspect your ceiling, corners and walls. Your roof need repair if you found following signs.

  • Dark spots and trails
  • Outside light showing through the roof
  • Water leakage

External signs:

  • When you inspect the exterior of the roof consider such things as curling, missing shingles, rotting, blistering, algae growth or damaged flashing.
  • Check the roofing around the chimney, vents, pipes and any other openings into your home.
  • Inspect drainage, gutters and downspouts.

Now we will discuss the warning signs that clearly show it’s time to start thinking about a roof replacement and it’s cost:


  • Curling Shingles:


Drying and shrinking of the asphalt causes shingles to be curled. Curling of shingles occurs in two ways. The first is cupping; that’s when the edges turn upward and the middle stays flat. The second is when the middle area loosens upward and edges remain flat. This means your shingles have become brittle and can blow away easily with high winds. At this point, you should call a professional contractor right away.


  • Missing Granules:


Granules on asphalt shingles help in keeping UV sun rays away from the asphalt. Once they start deteriorating it means that the shingles have started to bake. You may find patches on shingles or granules in the gutters. At this point, the life of a shingle will be very limited depending on the temperature in the area.


  • Moss Growth:


Minor moss or algae growth on shingles is generally not a big issue. According to professionals it is just a cosmetic issue. However, if the moss begins to spread then it will damage the shingles and shorten it’s lifespan.


  • Cracked Shingles:


Cracks are usually the result of strong winds. If cracks are present in one portion of the home exterior then you can replace that part, however, if cracking is random throughout the roof then it’s probably time for a new roof.


  • Missing shingles:


If you found shingles in your yard, then it means they are missing from roof. When shingles become dry, curled or cracked, they can easily blow off in high winds. So if you are facing this issue, then it’s time to call a pro.


  • Age of your Shingle Roof:


How old is your asphalt shingle roof? If it is 18-20 years, then it means you got a pretty good amount of life out of it. Normally asphalt shingles start to deteriorate after almost 15 years. Anyone with a roof this old should be meticulous in their inspections as major damage is always just around the corner.

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