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June 13, 2016

Big cities such as New York City are known for tall buildings with flat roofs. Flat roofs work great in NYC because they are space efficient. The surface of a flat roof can be used for things like gardens, terraces, or the placement of solar panel. There are benefits of having a flat roof, but there are also things to watch out for to catch any problems before they become emergencies.


Because of the angle of a pitched roof, water pooling is not a problem, but with a flat roof, this is something that needs to be monitored.
Most flat roofs have a slight slant so that the water drains and keeps the roof free of pools.
If water is allowed to pool, you might not notice that it is getting under the roofing materials as quickly, and you will need to in order to avoid a full-blown leak.
Besides checking for pooling, there are places that you need to check periodically to make sure breaches in your defenses are not occurring.
Where there are seams, for instance, where flashing overlaps.
According to Wikipedia, 90 percent of all flat roof leaks and failure happen at the flashing.
Another main cause of flat roof problems is the roof drain.
You should check the roof drain seasonally to make sure that it is clear, and water is flowing unobstructed.
If you have a flat roof in one of the five boroughs of NYC or Nassau County, call us for any maintenance needs that arise. We do both overlay and tear off roof projects. Schedule a free estimate today!

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