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5 Ways To Keep Your Roof Cool In Summer
August 4, 2022

It is no news that summer is the most favorable and great time to keep the roof of the house free of dirt and very neat. Summer is the appropriate time to fix the roof of your house and do other necessary repairs or adjustments to the roof, as it is a hot and dry season. The condition the summer season brings makes it the best time to carry out these activities.

Keeping the roof of your house cool in summer is very important. This is a result of the humid or hot air that circulates within the house. And if the attic of the house is not kept cool, it will hinder the easy flow of cool air into the house. However, not only is it important, but it will keep the temperature in the house healthy and make living in the home comfortable and habitable.

It is vital to also note that a hot attic not properly insulated will lead to a high rise in air conditioning costs and can also destroy your shingles and roof. As a result, you must see that all is functioning well, and you employ the services of a great emergency roof repair to do the excellent work for you.

  •  Pick A Heat Resistant Floor

This is very vital when choosing the flooring material for your home if you are considering the renovation of your house this summer. This is important because the floor is one of the surfaces that absorbs heat and it is good to note that when looking to cool your home. Flooring that absorbs sunlight and out-send heats are dark-colored. Light-colored flooring reflects heat.

  • Fix Solar Panels

Fixing or installing solar panels is a great way to keep your roof cool this summer. This lessens the home’s usage of electricity that emits from the grid, thereby helping the environment. This is a major cause of global greenhouse emissions. A cooler roof will lessen the heat inside the house. As a result, the use of air conditioners will be reduced or not needed at all, which will save you money on your monthly electricity bill. The solar panel works by getting power from a natural source; the sun.

  • Get A Roofing Coat

A white roof mirrors a greater amount of sunlight than darker roofs and can reduce the temperature of your roof by about 50 degrees Fahrenheit which is 10 degrees Celcius. This will result in a little amount of heat coming into your home through the roof and will lessen the electricity bill. Joining a roof coat is a different way to reflect the sun’s rays and cool your home.

  • Enclose Yourself with Trees

Trees are known to act as shade and will sustain your home for up to 10 degrees cooler. These trees can serve as a protectors from the severe insect attacks and assist in keeping the walls and roof clean. The trees also help to saturate or clean the air by pulling down pollutants and releasing oxygen.

  • Grow A Green Roof

Green roofs are also called living roofs. They are concealed with vegetation. They keep the building cooler and have many health and surrounding advantages. The green roof also gives insulation to buildings which assists to keep them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The Main Point Is…

You need to keep your roof in a healthy and cool state. As it will maintain coolness within your home. The best time to do it is now. These five tips will aid you to do that. However, contacting the services of a great roofer like the NYC renovators will save you cost and give you an excellent roof this summer with a top-notch roofing service.

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