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Winter Roofing Tips: KINGS, QUEENS OR DEUCE?
December 21, 2017

The best way to damage a perfectly good roof is to neglect it come winter time. Proper winter maintenance will decide if your family comes out of winter like Kings, Queens or sadly a bunch of Deuces. I am sure that if you are from New York, you are probably somewhat familiar with these terms. For those who do not want to accept that giving a contractor $200.00 bucks for an inspection is the right thing to do because you will end up saving thousands, keep reading.

What are some major roofing issues in wintertime?

  1. Ice damming.
  2. Ponding.

Ice damming.

What is ice damming?

Ice damming is what happens when it gets very cold and ice forms on your roof. Now, if your roof is slanted, the ice only becomes ice once it has reached the edge of the roof, where the gutter is. It then forms a dam-like barrier, stopping any water from rolling off the roof. This can cause the water which remains on the roof to leak into the house and cause severe damage to the house, roof and insulation.

What prevents ice damming?

One of the ways to prevent ice damming is with a roofing membrane.

A roofing membrane is generally made from either synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, or modified bitumen. This membrane covers the roof and causes the water to fall off of the roof. In turn, the water doesn’t turn to ice at the edge, and, it doesn’t seep into the house either.

Another way to prevent ice damming is by using an adhesive. A very commonly used adhesive is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are sealed with with a factory adhesive that seals up suing the sun’s heat. GAF shingles use the best adhesives in the market.

The sun connects each shingle to it’s neighbor. Another effect of this sealant is that it fortifies the shingles against quick and powerful winds. While packaged, the shingles are separated by a sheet of plastic. This plastic need not be removed before attaching shingle to roof, because they don’t align with the adhesive, once they have been established on the roof. This too, can protect the roof from leakage. Again, using the best adhesives, the best membrane and the most expensive materials will allow you to be part of the Kings and Queens roofing club.


What is ponding?

Ponding is the process of water gathering in the center of the roof, or even in a corner, wherever there is a flat area. The water gathers in that spot and can seep into the housing system and can cause major damage to the roof, inner roofing and the structure of the house.

How to prevent ponding?

One way to prevent roof ponding is by ensuring there is an updated and reliable membrane, as we mentioned above.

Another prevention tactic is to understand a possible cause of ponding. Many times ponding occurs when there is sagging structure and compressed insulation. That can happen in old buildings and uninspected situations. You can swerve out of the way of this major issue by regularly inspecting your roof, or calling a professional to do it for you.

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