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Why You Should Upgrade your Gutter System


When you are planning a roofing project, there are so many things to think about, so many decision to make.

It takes so much research to feel informed enough to make the right decisions! Or, you can hire expert roofers who are on your side.

Royal Renovators are just the roofers to call.


We’ve been in business since 1993, serving the NYC metro area with exterior services ranging from the flat roofs to concrete driveways.

Consider Upgrading your Gutter System

  • One element that we always encourage homeowners and business owners to consider is upgrading their gutter system.
  • A gutter system is the overlooked hero of a building.
  • When you are replacing roofing materials, gutters can easily be upgraded at the same time.
  • Here are some reasons that gutters are essential elements that need to be maintained and upgraded.

Curb Appeal

  • We can install seamless gutters on your home or business and make the exterior of your home look streamline.
  • We use invisible fasteners so the lines of the building are clean and sleek!

Protect Your Foundation

  • Gutters function to protect the foundation of your home or commercial building by ensuring that the water that comes off of the roof, both rain and melting snow, is safely ushered away from the foundation.
  • If water gathers near the foundation it can cause the entire foundation to shift.
  • If there is a small crack and water gets in it, during freezing weather the water will expand and make the crack bigger and bigger until you have a leak in your basement.
  • If water is not channeled properly, it can send water over the sidewalks creating slip and fall hazards that could lead to a lawsuit.


When considering a new roof and or gutter system upgrade, be sure to call Royal Renovators!

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