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Top Summer Roofing And Maintenance Tips For 2021
May 27, 2021

Few days to summer. It’s already here. The excitement is building up. Even your roof can feel it. As exciting as the months of summer can be, one thing that I doubt would ever feel so exciting to meet summer is your roof. Energy-efficient roofing or not. Summer, the hottest season, brings with it scorching sun rays that have proven to be unfavorable to the roof over time.

Even with the hot and long days of summer, how can you possibly keep your roof in check?

To maintain your roofing properly during summer, you need to carry out proper roof inspection, either on your own, or you best get your local roofer to do the job. And when inspecting;

  • Search for algae and mold: Rain and storage of water on the rooftop stimulate algae growth. Algae can eat up your roof shingles that can lead to roof breakdown. It also damages the gutter.
  • Look for Moss: Moss not removed from the rooftop can cause the shingles to crack and curl. What can be worse than having heavy moss on the roof? It can lead to an ice dam, water damage, damaged shingles, and damage to the roof deck.
  • Inspect the attic: Research shows that your attic can rise to about 150 degrees during summer. Your roof takes in a lot of heat during the day and passes it to the attic. However, you can get asphalt roofs that absorb lesser heat compared with other roofs.

If an attic does not get much air, it can cause the breakdown of the roof. It can cause your roof’s shingles to crack, which will lead to leaking and decay. When inspecting your attic, there are areas you should check. This will help you to ascertain the main problem with your roof.

Watermarks: If there are watermarks, it simply means your roof might have a hole.

Smell musty: Musty happens mostly because of wetness. So, this means your roof is leaking.

Discolored rafters: This means that the wood consumed water from a leak above.

  • Replace any shingle that is missing. Avoid putting the wrong one because it can crack or develop algae.
  • Trees: Trim and cut trees that are close to your roofs. If a storm breaks it, it can damage the roof. Your tree should have a distance of 8-10 feet.
  • Remove debris from the roof. You should be safety conscious when doing this. Wear-resistant shoes/ grippy shoes and protective clothing.
  • Clean and change loose gutters
  • Clean roof drains and downspout
  • Close open areas on your roof
  • Employ the service of professional roofers to do a proper checkup and inspection on your roof.

With these tips, your roof will be able to survive the hit and attack during the summer season. By applying these tips in your roof home, you are counteractive against the negative effects of summer. This should not only be done before summer, but you should also apply these tips during summer too.

Your roof can survive any summer period with these tips. Don’t just read. Apply them in your home starting today. While settle for a roof replacement and unnecessary repairs when you can invest little in maintenance and reap its bountiful fruits? For a more thorough inspection, reach out to us at 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 414-6067 https://www.nycrenovators.com/.

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