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The Best Flat Roofing Contractor In NY: How To Select The Best
October 27, 2021

Replacing and repairing your flat roof is a major project in your home or company; therefore, it must be taken into full consideration.

When you want to install a new flat roof or run some flat roof maintenance and repairs in NY, the ultimate question is not about getting a roofer but how to select the best roofer. Maybe the last contractor you hired for the job didn’t deliver a satisfying job. So this time, you want to make sure you’d be getting the best value for your money. What are the things to look for when hiring the best flat roofing contractor?


Experience is a distinguishing factor that will help you choose the best among the several roofing contractors available in the New York roofing space.

Since your roof is a crucial part of your building, you need contractors with vast experience in the field and have done them repeatedly. You want to employ or hire a roofing contractor that has handled several flat roofs and has a track record of completed roofs.


You must ensure the roofing contractor has a permit or license to operate in New York. You can check out their website for their permits and licenses. You can also contact the Roofing Licensing Board in New York for more information


The roofing contractor should not only have insurance for your building, but it should also have insurance for laborers and materials. Why? You might ask. Peradventure your roofing contractor doesn’t have insurance for laborers, and then someone got injured while working on your roof, you can be sued for that.

Replacing your roof is costly already. You don’t want to spend extra funds treating an injured worker when the roofing contractor can take responsibility for that.

Reviews And References

One of the best ways to know the competence and capability of a roofing contractor is through reviews and references from past clients. Kindly ask for details of past clients they have worked with/for them and then listen to their opinion about the contractor. You can even go the extra mile to visit their buildings so you can see the contractor’s capabilities.

Customer Care And Complain Policy

At times, it’s not about bad reviews/complaints. It’s about how they handled those reviews and complaints. For instance, if one of their past clients complained about a leaking roof in a short period after installation, how did they handle it?

Did they answer swiftly? Were they quick to resolve it by fixing the roof? Were they apologetic and tried to make the client happy? Were they rude? These are questions you need to consider about complaints before choosing the roofing contractor.

Ask For Roof Evaluation

One of the best ways to choose a roofing contractor is through roof evaluation. The roof evaluation is where the roofing contractor checks the condition of your roof and determines if it needs a total replacement or repair. And then give you a financial assessment of your roof.

You can apply all the factors discussed above to any contractor in New York before drawing the line. Taking your time to choose the best roofing contractor among several roofing contractors in New York might be demanding, but it pays.

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