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In designing and building a house, people tend to be more engrossed in several other aspects while completely neglecting the roof styles. The roof of your house is the most prominent aspect of your house and can make all the difference between an attractive and stunning house and an ordinary, run of the mill house. As the roof is the most useful element of your house, always contact the best roofer near you to help make it beautiful and durable.

In recent times, many roofing styles have been adopted to add aesthetic appeal to the building they cover. Each style applied is unique in its structure and design, and most times, best suited for a particular region. The type of your house can also influence the style of your roof. As you’re considering building your dream home, what are the trendy styles of roofs, and which one is best suited for you (depending on your budget, local climate, and the style of your home)?

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are one of the easiest styles to build. They are quite affordable as they take the least amount of materials. They are excellent for green roofs. Far from its name, flat roofs are not entirely flat. They still have some degrees of slope or pitch.


A flat roof makes the future expansion of living space viable. If you’re planning on expanding your building to accommodate patios, gardens, or even penthouse rooms or installing solar panels, a flat roof is the ideal roof style. The simple nature of flat roofs makes them one of the lesser expensive roof styles than other popular roof styles.


On the downside, a flat roof does not drain well. This calls for the need to waterproof your flat roof properly.

Hipped Roof

With shapes like a pyramid, the hip roof style has an even roof-to-wall junction. It has eaves on all sides. It comes with two long sides and two shorter ones slanting down from a ridge in the middle. These roofing styles are suitable for regions with harsh weather conditions as they are much durable and offer extra protection.


They are more stable than most roof styles and ideal for areas with strong winds or hurricanes, heavy snowfall, and intense heat.


It requires a complex design, making it a more expensive alternative in the roofing styles. Also, it’s not quite easy to install and requires the services of experts only.


Back when we were kids, whenever we’re drawing a building, there’s this common roof style that’s always in our mind. That roof style is the Gable. The Gable roof style is one of the most popular roof styles. It has two straight sides that slope down from a central ridge. This creates a peak at the top of your house. This roof style is easy to build, and it’s suitable for all climates. The Gable roof also provides much space in the attic and allows water and ice to drain well.


The Gable roof style is versatile and easy to build. Its pitch makes it easier to shed moisture. It also does not hold precipitation or debris like fallen leaves. Gable roof provides ample space for an attic or vaulted ceilings.


On the downside, the Gable roof style can be quite challenging during the season of strong winds. And when it is not properly installed, its overhang can be easy prey to strong winds.

Shed Roof

If you’re looking to add a sharp, distinct, and attractive feature to your roof without having to spend big, the shed may fit the bill. Also called a Skillion or lean-to roof, the shed roof styles feature a single slope. This sole high pitched plane covers the entire structure. This roofing style is more perceived as an improved style of flat roofs.


As the shed roofs are slanted, you don’t have to care about drainage. You also don’t need to worry about waterproofing. It’s also easy and fast to build and offers a unique architectural feature.


High wind will always be an issue with having a shed roof style, especially if you live in areas prone to high winds. Having a shed roof will also leave you with odd-shaped rooms.

Mansard Roof

Elegant and classy is the best way to describe the mansard roof style. Mansard forms a double slope where two slopes are located on each of the four sides. This roof style features slight flatter slopes at the top, while the sides are more steep, sloping vertically on all sides. It also creates extra space and offers the best alternative for anyone looking for an aristocratic touch.


Mansard’s design creates room for ample attic space. It allows gives an elegant touch to the whole building.


As elegant and exquisite as mansard’s roofing style is, there are highly complex, requires more labor, and ultimately costs more to build.

Gambrel Roof

If you’re looking for a simple roof for your New York house, the gambrel roof style may just be the right one for you. With a striking resemblance to the mansard, the gambrel features a much steeper pitch at the top.


Like the mansard, the gambrel roof provides ample space that can be utilized for many options. Moreover, gambrel roof styles are a lot easier and less expensive compared to the mansard.


The gambrel roof style is highly susceptible to high winds and heavy rain.

Jerkinhead Roof

Combining all the positives of the hip and gable styles, the jerkinhead roof offers a versatile and aesthetic appealing roof style. This roof style offers greater stability than a gable and more space than a hip roof. If you need a well-rounded roof style for your New York house, the jerkinhead roof can be the way to go.

Pyramid Roof

If you need a more classy variation of the hipped roof style, the pyramid roof may be the best available option.  It features all four sloping sides, coming to a point at the top of the roof. Due to this formation, this roof style is a great option for people in areas prone to high winds.

If you’re still unsure about the roof style that will look best on your house and you’re finding it difficult to make up your mind, consult with the best roofing contractor in NY. Contact Royal Renovators Inc. 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 414-6067 


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