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There are two main categories of roofing materials:

  1. Tile roof
  2. Shingle roof

In most of the world, you will see tile roofing. Especially in places where the style is imitating Spanish or any European styles. In China, too you will find tile roofs. However, in the “United States of We Have It All”, shingles are the most commonly used roofing material by far.

What are shingles?

Shingles are thin tiles, small and rectangular shaped, that are produced from asphalt. The reason being that asphalt has very strong waterproof qualities. Shingles are secured to the roof using a strong nail-gun, generally. Shingles overlap each other, in order to keep out any water. They are very much like tiles in that aspect. But in many other aspects, they are very different.

What are some major differences between tiles and shingles?

The first and foremost reason, as you probably already guessed, is the pricing. Not only are tiles approximately double the price of shingles, but the installation of shingles versus tiles lowers the price even more. However, tiles also tend to last a lot longer than shingles, and experts say that the price ends up very much balanced, in the long run. The resistance of a tile roof, because of its weight, also protects more and can hold itself down, though you do have to make sure your roof can hold that much weight.


Shingle history:

The first shingle roof was built in the year 1893. It only began to grow in popularity after the second world war, when houses began to boom. In relativity, it is a very new method, no wonder people around the world haven’t yet gotten used to it. GAF is the most popular shingle manufacturer in the US with manufacturers like Tamko and Owens Corning to follow.

Fire hazard:

Shingles are highly flammable, so if you’re worried about your wooden house going up in flames, you should be extra careful because combined with the shingles, your house is double flammatory trouble. But you should be careful no matter what, even if you live in a brick house with a curly tile roof. Ask a local roofer for help with fire safety roofing.


Exterior design:

Another advantage of using shingles, whether it’s a major advantage really depends on who you are, is design. While designing a home, shingles give you many more design options than tiles. If you are into modern, and new age, shingles are probably for you. If you are very new’ age, though, and maybe even retro, you may end up choosing tiles, because it is more real and authentic.

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