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Are you thinking of buying a new house in the Big Apple area? If yes, then you need to pay close attention to this article. In most cases, the first thing that comes to mind when you want to buy a new home is the home inspection.

A home inspection is simply an assessment of the entire house’s condition. Not only does the home inspector give you a list of the problems that might be in the home, but they also provide the buyers will information that will be helpful in the upkeep of the house.

Since your home is the biggest life investment, this information is very vital to any new buyer. However, roof inspections and certifications are not typically included in the stipulated purchase contract. Therefore, it’s easy to find your dream home but has poor roofing conditions.

In the eyes of a seller, the roofing conditions might not matter. Even if the house has a big hole in the middle and it rains inside the house, in a seller’s market, the house could still fetch a good price.

More importantly, it entirely depends on the market fluctuation whether or not a seller will obtain a roof certification. Therefore, in the seller’s market, the roof certification is not necessarily the buyer’s demand. While on the other hand, this information is very important when it comes to the buyer.

Looking for concrete proof of the condition of a roof? Certified NRCIA roof inspections are one of the most popular and respected certifications available on the market today.

So what exactly is a roof certification?

These are usually separate from the normal house inspections. That’s because home inspectors do not actually perform thorough roof inspection. In essence, a true roof inspection requires the inspector to climb on top of the roof and file a report of any issues that might involve: missing parts, the entire condition of the roof, drips and ridges, the condition of the gutters and the flashing around roof pipes, vents, and chimneys.

What’s more, in case the roof doesn’t necessarily need any repairs, the roofing contractor will project how long the roof will last and in the end certify its inspection. This certification will be good for at least two to around five years. The certification validity will also depend on local codes.

If your roof will require some repairs, you will still get a certification. Don’t wait for the roof repairs to fall into your warranty. Like I said earlier, warranties are subject to certain laws which means you might not get the compensation you need.

If you are the buyer, you will have to be present during the inspection. There are certain elements about your new home you will need to understand. Other reasons you need to be there include:

  1. You need to know the condition of the roof

Without a doubt, a new roof will cost you a few extra coins. You can easily avoid this since you will have the chance to talk to the seller one on one. More importantly, you will also have the chance to understand what you are about to buy.

Professional inspectors are usually very thorough with their jobs.

  1. The inspector will let you know the lifespan of the roof

Some sellers might actually hide the roofing report and only present the house report. As I said earlier, the house report might not pay close attention to the roofing details. Therefore, if you won’t be present during the roof inspection, you might not get the chance to know the projected lifespan of your roof from a professional roofer.

  1. Ask questions

Most house inspectors will solely rely on vision to tell the roof condition. This is a bad idea since problems, especially in your roof, lurk in the dark corners. And if you are not a professional in the field, you will easily miss some of these tiny details. Eventually, such tiny problems might compromise the integrity of your roof.

Being present in the inspection will gives you the chance to ask relevant questions. I’m sure you won’t just stand there as the inspectors do their work. This will also ensure you get the best out of the services.

Aspects that will influence your roof inspection and certification

  1. The age of your roof

Most companies say that wood will require repairs after every 10 years while on the other hand, tile roofs might require a bit longer before you can organize for a repair. That’s only if no one walks on top of the tile roofs. That body weight on top of the roof will cause breakage or cracks in case you step on a wrong place.

  1. Type of roof

Roofs come in different types depending on their materials. Some of the common types of roofs include composition shingle, slate, synthetic, tar and gravel, wood shake among others. Each of these roofs requires a different time when it comes to repair.

  1. Previous repairs

In most cases, the seller is required to disclose when the previous repairs were done on the roof if any. Most companies will refuse to honor the seller with a certification in case the seller doesn’t give out this information. That’s because most roofing inspectors always want to look through the previous inspections to ensure it was done correctly and that it won’t cause any problems in the near future.

Other factors include:

Getting the Best Roofing Inspectors

Although roof inspection is done in the overall home inspection, you will need a separate report dedicated to your roof. If you haven’t realized by now, the roof is one of the most vital pieces in any home.

That means you need to give your roof full attention. Otherwise, when a storm hits your home town, be sure that the roof will not hold. With that in mind, you need to be cautious about the people who handle your roof.

It’s almost spring cleaning time for your roof so if you’re looking to sell your home this spring, it may a good idea to get your roof inspected and certified.

To get your certified roof inspection contact Royal Renovators Inc. today. Be sure that our professional roofers will do a thorough job and hence ensure your safety.

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