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EverGuard® TPO Low VOC Bonding Adhesive

A contact-type bonding adhesive specially designed for bonding smooth back TPO single-ply roofing membranes and flashings to various roofing foundations.

Less than 250 g /L of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

formulated using a blend of VOC-exempt and non-exempt solvents to be in compliance with air-quality regulations for single-ply roofing adhesives.

Higher coverage rate than most traditional adhesives covering up to 6 sq./5-gallon (18.9 liters) container.

EverGuard® TPO SBA 1121 Bonding Adhesive

This adhesive is fast-drying and easily applied using a brush, roller or spray.  It is a solvent-based rubberized adhesive intended to be used with smooth back TPO-based membranes.

EverGuard® TPO 3 Square Low VOC Bonding Adhesive 1168

Designed especially for bonding TPO single-ply roofing membranes and flashings to various roofing substrates, this is a contact-type bonding adhesive.

EverGuard® #2331 Bonding Adhesive

Made uniquely for bonding PVC single-ply roofing membranes and flashings to various roofing substrates. It is a low-VOC contact-type bonding adhesive.

EverGuard® WB 181 Bonding Adhesive

Suitable for all various surfaces such as concrete, masonry, metal, and wood flashing substrates. Know as the “roof repair contractors best friend” The low VOC content with almost absent odor reduces the occupant discomfort. Additional benefits include; excellent wind uplift ratings, up to 50% faster installation time than a traditional installation, labor costs reduced, and a uniform, smooth appearance among many more.


EverGuard® TPO Cut Edge Sealant

Designed as a last step to seal the edges of the non-factory edges (cut edges) of the TPO membrane to reinforce membrane installation and stop water from seeping into the center scrim area.

EverGuard® One-Part Pourable Sealant

Designed to be used in pitch pans on single-ply roof system as a one-part, moisture-cure, self-leveling sealant.

EverGuard® Two-Part Pourable Sealant

Ideal for filling sealant pans at irregularly shaped penetrations.  Urethane-based two-part sealant and 100% solids.

EverGuard® WaterBlock Mastic

Made for sealing in between flashing membrane and substrate surfaces, between roofing membrane and drain flanges, and behind exposed termination bars.  A one-part, butyl-based high-viscosity sealant.

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EverGuard® PVC Membrane Conditioner

Made for cleaning contaminated or exposed seams to revitalize aged membranes or remove any soap residue before heat welding.

EverGuard® TPO Primer

Designed to be used with EverGuard® self-adhered TPO and EverGuard® TPO membrane products.  A solvent-based primer for cover tape and metal edges. Useful for establishing good adhesion between sealants, EverGuard® TPO single-ply roofing membrane and adhesives.

EverGuard® Low VOC TPO Primer

Suitable for preparing metal and membrane for cover tape application and preparing membrane and pourable sealer pockets to apply EverGuard® One-Part or Two-Part Sealant.  Low VOC (<240 g/L) compliant primer.

EverGuard® TPO Seam Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning contaminated or exposed seams to revitalize aged membrane and take away any soap residue before heat welding.

EverGuard® TPO Base Coat

Lightly tinted to assist in discerning primed areas on bright white TPO membranes, it is a VOC compliant, solvent-based liquid.  Intended to be applied to EverGuard® TPO membranes where adhesion of EverGuard® Liquid Flashing is used.

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