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Putting a new roof on our home can be an intimidating experience. It’s a big project, expensive, and often times we delay as long as possible. When a new roof is installed it is a long-term investment and a major addition to our homes, increasing the resale value of any home, sometimes significantly. GAF for over 125 years has been a leader in roofing and shingles. Their asphalt shingles have lead the way in roofing development and provided quality product for home owners in north America.

What makes GAF great

The GAF installation procedure helps to ensure its lasting quality. The first step is installing the leak barrier which is a water proof membrane which protects the most vulnerable areas of the roof. The second step is installing the deck barrier which will protect your existing roof deck from the harsh elements. The third step is the starter strip shingles are then installed along the edges to protect the RAF shingles from high winds. Fifth, is the high-quality asphalt shingles that GAF is known for throughout the industry. These shingles are not just sturdy but are beautiful and found in colors to match virtually any home. Sixth, ridge vents are installed to release heat buildup within the root. Finally, ridge cap shingles are installed to protect and beautify the vents to match the rest of the new roof. The products and installation method live up to the GAF brand, but what about after installation is finished?

The Warranty

The GAF warranty is one of the reasons they have created such a great name for themselves. The Golden Pledge warranty can help keep your investment safe long after installation is completed. For 50 years after project completion the shingles will be 100% guaranteed. Additionally, the entire roof system will be guaranteed with this option. Any labor cost that will be needed in the future have a lifetime guarantee.
GAF can produce a warranty like this because they only allow “GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors” which have been trained and certified by them to install products that offer this warranty. This is a small percentage of contractors and they have oversight the whole process. At the end of installation, a GAF inspector comes to do a 40-point check on the roof and shingles to ensure everything was done correctly. Only at this point is the job truly considered complete.
GAF conducted a study where they discovered that 2/3 of all problems people experienced with their new roof were caused by inadequate workmanship, and not the products. This is one reason they take certification and their guarantee so seriously to save problems and cost in the future. They even go so far as to protect the labor of your assets even if the original contractor is no longer in business.

Royal Renovators Are One Of 2-3% Of Contractors in NYC That Are Certified GAF Master Elite Roofers. Call Now For A Fast & Free In-Home Estimate.

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