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While it may not be the chore you would want to do, springtime is the perfect time for cleaning and roof maintenance.

In this article, let’s talk about spring cleaning and maintenance tips for your roof. Proper cleaning and maintenance is critical to ensure your roof can stay in its tip–top shape for the longest time possible and, ultimately save you money. Proactive checking and maintenance can help you spot any signs of damage earlier so you can get them taken care of as soon as possible to prevent the problem from escalating, leading into costly repairs and roof replacement.

Time for Spring Cleaning – And Don’t Skip the Roof

Spring is that season when we welcome the warmer weather and the longer days. But it is also traditionally the perfect time to do major clean ups and extra home maintenance. You’ve probably listed cleaning your kitchen, basement, and garage for your spring cleaning to–do list, but what about your roof?

Sometimes, homeowners may fail to notice the vital functions of a good roofing system until problems such as water leakage and water stains start to happen.

That said, it is important to spend some time and effort in cleaning and doing some routine maintenance checks on your home’s roof specially this spring cleaning time.

Here are a few cleanup and maintenance tips to help you get started:

  1. Clean your gutters. And while you are it, don’t forget to check for any signs of wear and weak spots.

Gutters play an important role in diverting water away from your home. Clogged gutters will cause water to seep underneath the shingles of the roof and damage the roof over time. Clean any debris like fallen leaves that have accumulated on your gutters and the edges of your roof.

And, while you are cleaning take the time to check for any signs of damage or weak spots so you can have the problem taken care of right away before the problem could get worse.

  1. Trim branches of the trees that are getting close to your roof.

Overgrown tree limbs and leaves can rub against the surface of your roof and cause early damage to the exterior of the roof. Trees can also offer shelter and hiding places for a host of pests and rodents and the closer the tree branches gets into your roof, the more access these small animals have inside your house as they’ll enter through your roof. These small animals can wreak havoc first on your roof, and eventually inside your home. Trimming of the tree branches is important to clear the roof and also provide better airflow and prevent mold growth on your roof.

  1. Give your roof good wash, but don’t power wash.

Dirt, moss, and other debris can accumulate on your roof because of rainwater and melted snow. Spring can be an excellent time for you to give your roof a good wash to eliminate dirt and other substances. Be wary about using high pressure power washers though as they can cause damages to your roof tiles and shingles by uplifting them and the pressure can also hasten the deterioration of your roofing materials. In some cases, using power washers is enough to void roofing material warranties from your manufacturer.

Instead, you can use gentle cleaners you can readily find under your sink to clean off stubborn dirt and algae from your roof. Debris can cause clogging and lead to overflowing water which can damage your roof and home interior over time.

  1. Pay special attention to your flashing.

The rain showers that April may bring can be a bit more overwhelming for your roof’s flashing. Make sure that your flashing are prepared for April rains by checking for any signs of damage or deterioration. If you notice cracks, dents, or something amiss make sure to address them promptly. The gaps from worn out flashing can allow water leakage and quickly escalate roof issues.

  1. Look for signs of water leakage.

Sometime roof issues may present less obvious signs. When left ignored for a longer time, the problem can go bigger and require more complex and costly repairs and replacements. Water can be the biggest culprit that can destroy your roof and cause premature damages. It is critical to inspect your roof and look for any signs of water leakage such as water stains, discolorations, and drips. Also, take a look for missing or curling shingles and sagging ceilings which can make your roof vulnerable to leaks and result to water damage.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance and Cleaning Your Roof

In order to best serve its purpose and provide your home the best protection from the weather and other external elements, t is important to see to it that your roof is in its best shape possible. When it comes to roof repairs, prompt timing is critical. Delaying roof repair and ignoring any signs of damages can lead into major roof problems which can be expensive to repair and in some cases may lead to costly earlier than expected full–on roof replacement.

There are many benefits of doing spring clean up and maintenance on your roof and these  include:

Properly maintained roof extends the life of your roof so you can enjoy your roof for the longest time possible.

Your roof can add value and curb appeal to your home’s architectural style. It’s important to trim overgrown tree limbs and remove any hanging debris from your roof to keep your roof as best looking for as long as possible.

Worn out and damaged roof can cause gaps to develop which allow the cold air to get into your home cause heat loss during winter. This translates into more work for your heating and ventilation system and thus, increases energy consumption. Repairing any roof problems can help boost your home’s energy efficiency.

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