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How to Make Roof More Eco Friendly

Looking for a long lasting, energy efficient, eco-friendly and affordable roofing material? You are at right place. There are several options depending on your budget, preference, material and design. So choose wisely.  In this article you can find the best options for eco-friendly structural exteriors.

White roof / Cool Roof:

White roofing of any material reflects the sun’s rays away from the house and keeps the roof temperature lower than it’s counterparts. They also keep the home interior cool, hence known as cool roof. This can obviously reduce energy consumption which is good for the environment. Not all white exteriors are made out of actual  eco- friendly material so buyer beware.

Standing-Seam Metal Roof:

Metal exteriors are a great investment for anyone as they are more advantageous; long lasting, light reflective, fire resistant and recyclable. If you are looking for investing in a good roof, it could be better to select a metal roof constructed from recycled material and of light colors. It is an ideal roof for those in snowy areas as it inhibits the formation of ice dams.

Sustainable Wood Shake / Shingle Roof:

If you want the classical appearance of a wood shingle roof, then sustainable wood shake from sustainable managed forest is a great option. They are more natural and biodegradable.

Recycled Shingle Roof:

Today, you can find variety of shingles in most American homes made from recycled material such as wood, plastic and rubber. These are the greenest roofing product, affordable and durable. Considering the amount of shingles used in the United States increased usage of this material can really help save our world.

Green Roof:

Planting a green roof is very advantageous, especially for those in urban areas. It cleans the air and moderates the heat effect. It provides natural beauty, insulation and additional cooling to your home.

Rubber Roofing:

Rubber shingles are manufactured from old steel belted tires. To enhance its texture coated with ground slate. This roof is available in various colors. Rubber roofing is durable, resistant to storm and other harsh weather conditions.

Reclaimed Clay/ Slate Tile Roof:

Clay and slate tile roofing has been used for years and is still highly in demand. These exteriors are very natural, long lasting and add a classy look to your home. Now they are also available in light colors, hence providing the benefits of cool roof.

Tips and Ideas for Eco Friendly Roofing Material:

Here are some easy additions to boost the efficiency of your roof and help mother nature while you’re at it.



Solar panels are less expensive and can be fitted on any style roofing. By installing solar panels you can also save money on electricity and decrease energy consumption.



One of cheapest way to lowering your home’s impact on the environment is to install water barrels at downspouts so that water runoff from the roof can be collected and used for outdoor purpose.



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