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For those of us who’ve been drawing our houses with a pointy, slanted roof ever since kindergarten, the very idea of a flat roof feels alien and frankly, absurd. After all, why would you want to forego the traditional ‘A’ shaped roof for a boring flat top that wouldn’t look as appealing from the outside? Is there even a point?

Well, there is.

The benefits of having flat roofs

Low cost of installation

The first (and biggest) benefit of opting for a flat roof instead of a slanted roof is the costs that you save, and if you’re building your own house and running a little low on budget, this can be a definite deal-breaker. Flat roofs aren’t just easier to install (which means workers would charge you less for constructing them), the materials used for them are also much more affordable than those used to make slant roofs. Even maintaining the roof isn’t too heavy on your pocket, which is a relief for those who’d rather not spend too much a month to up-keep their roof.

Large, easily-accessible space for use

You can’t make much use of the large area on a slanted roof, without of course risking a fall and breaking a few bones. Which is why opting for a flat roof seems such a viable option. Not only do you have a large, easily-accessible space ready for use which you can utilize in so many creative ways, you also end up freeing some of your home’s interior space, which means you’d have a more spacious home, or you’d have the space for that study room you always wanted. Your choice. It goes without saying that is densely populated areas like NYC, flat roofing would be the exterior of choice.

But that’s not to say flat roofs don’t have their drawbacks.

The disadvantages of flat roofs

Drainage can be a problem

See with slant roofs drainage isn’t much of a problem. If it rains, all the water will slide of the incline on to the ground. The same can’t be said for a flat roof. The absence of an incline means water would collect on the roof and could stagnate for days on end, till the sun eventually dries it off. The result? Eventual breakdown of the roof, especially in the areas the material has been joined to other pieces or pillars on the roof, effectively making your roof useless.

Lack of good roofing material options

Unless you live in a country rich in limestone cliffs and cheap cement rates, the only kind of roofing material you’re going to find for flat roofs will be the cheap, need-to-be-replaced-every-fifteen-years kind, or the quite durable, but EXPENSIVE, kind. The former is available in the form of rolled roofing made of materials like rubber and bitumen which explains its relatively short lifespan, and the latter made of materials like PVC that talk a good deal with their presentation and durability claims, but don’t have the history (i.e. used by many in the past and been given a thumbs-up) to back it up.

So yeah. If you still have questions on which exterior material is correct for your home, seek help of a licensed roofing contractor immediately. There’s a lot you need to consider before settling on a flat roof for your house.

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