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As an ideal abode, a flat-roofed house may look trendy and excitingly unconventional, yet on a sunny day, staying indoors becomes a no-no. The arrival of summer’s high temperatures often makes the whole structure very uncomfortable. This is because the flat roofing material has a higher tendency to trap heat and the absence of the attic means the heat isn’t lost.

Normally, air conditioning this type a house using an AC system comes with a hefty power bill that you’ll have to put up with. But on a positive note, several methods that effectively reduce heat absorption have been developed. Most of them are relatively inexpensive, will lower your electricity costs and suit homes with flat and low-slope roofing.

In comes Reflective Roof Coating

Among these multiple techniques is one that has been vouched for as the best: reflective roof coatings. The coating is placed on the roof to reflect away the heat and sunlight and thus reduces the amount of heat absorbed. Furthermore, the layer helps beautify the structure since it’s made in a couple of colors, surfaces, and thicknesses.

How A Reflective Roof Coating Works

The coating ensures the house remains cool and cozy in two ways. The first one is by “solar reflectance”, the process in which the coating reflects the sun’s rays away while repelling the heat from getting absorbed. The roof will not keep too much heat, and the structure will remain cooler even in the hottest summer months.

The second way through which a reflective roof coatings works is quite fascinating. The sheet is made from a material that extraordinarily raises the roof’s thermal emittance levels. Any heat that had been absorbed is radiated back to the air through the assistance of the cover. These two variables help ensure that the house will remain reliably cooler throughout the day.

So, how much money can you save using Reflective Roof Coating?

First, the coating is inexpensive, and when applied correctly, it can prolong the life of the roof. However, the best part is the fact that it can either be installed professionally or even the DIY way. The most popular choices of this coating are:

Also, you will save quite a significant amount on the usual power bills as a result of this ingenious energy-saving strategy. Those who frequently suffer the brunt of sizzling-hot temperatures may see a reduction by as much as 70%.

The total cost mainly depends on your choice of coating. It’s important to note that you can still keep the overall cost low by going the DIY way when installing it.

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