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The most paramount concern for any roofer is the issue of safety. Every year, there are always reports on accident occurring at various roofing sites. Most of these accidents are resulting mostly from falls from elevations. One of the most daunting challenges most roofers face is how to be safe when working on a very steep slope roof. It is very pertinent for every roofer to arm himself with the full knowledge on appropriate safety practices which will be beneficial not just for the roofer, but also for the homeowner. The importance of safety, no doubt, implies that every roofer should make it a priority. Implementing the best safety practices as a roofer will give your career a nice facelift and gain you more positive reviews.

With proper training on safety, saddled with the right equipment and precautions, accidents (mostly falls) could be reduced if not prevented. However, the issue of falls should never be the reason for you to give up that much promising career. Below are what you need to know to pertain to the issue of safety; ranging from why people fall to the proper safety tips to avoid accidents.

Why Accidents May Occur During Roofing

The more physical causes of fall are;

Extreme heat: being a roofer or exterior siding contractor means that you should be ready to work at all-weather condition, be it rainy or sunny days. Roofers not only work under the sun for hours at a time, but they are also in a like manner surrounded by reflected heat. Working under these conditions makes the roofers prone to becoming dehydrated or heat stroke if they’re not mindful of just how hot it gets while still working.

Slippery situations: working on a steep-sloped roof or even a flat roof after a rain, or when the roof is moist, ice or snow poses an uphill task caped with a high risk. Putting on the right footwear and good footing is of a great call to safety in accessing the roof.

Ill placed ladders: some buildings lack access to the roof from the inside; this provides roofers with no alternative than to use a ladder. If the ladder is not properly secured before climbing, there’s a high possibility of a serious fall which might lead to death.

Exposed vents and ducts: protruding vents and ducts on the roof poses a great obstacle to workers on the roof. These exposed vents and ducts are more likely to obstruct the roofers’ view or become hazardous obstacles simply by being in the way.

Presence of trees, wires, and loose debris: tree branches extending close to the roofs and also, electrical wires commonly found across the roof can be hazardous and lead to a serious slip and fall injury case. Overhead power lines and HVAC equipment can also lead to injuries a serious construction premises liability dispute.

In the other view, the psychological causes of fall are but not limited to;

The brain game

Some times while working in an elevated area, the braining been aware of the need for a visual point of reference may call up the traffic below you or the moving clouds above as visual reference. This will certainly make you to lose your balance, and if you fail to recall it on time, fall is inevitable.


The most often repeated safety rule in roofing is to never be in haste. Being in a hurry might cause you to skip some safety measures unconsciously. It’s no news that an unsecured ladder or a quickly assembled scaffold can cause a fall. Always have your cool, take the needful safety and precautionary measures. You can only concentrate fully and carry out the required work to the client’s utmost satisfaction when you are cool.

A false sense of security

Forget about the notion of being a pro, and therefore you don’t need the fall protection. Don’t push the fall protection aside just to prove to co-workers that you are already a pro or that you are not afraid of falling. That is definitely a pretty bad self-esteem issue!

Lack of comfort

Working in an uncomfortable position as a roofer for a long stretch is able to reduce the circulation of blood in your system, ultimately keeping you in a state of being prone to falling should you lose your balance. This is similar to the physical effect of cold; the dizziness and numbness of limbs effect stability and balance.

Safety Tips For Roofers

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