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Before you decide whether or not to install gutters in your house, the first thing to do is to understand what gutters are and the functions they serve. For some houses, not having gutters can cause costly damages, while it makes no difference for others.

It all depends on varied factors. Read through to find out what these factors are, the functions that gutters offer, and what will happen if your roof is without gutters.

What Are Gutters, And Can I Roof Without Them?

Gutters are attachments to the roof that direct rain away from the house. They redirect rainwater and melt snow as it runs down the slope of the roof. The gutters then direct the water into a drain or downspout where it’s moved away from home to prevent expensive exterior damage.

You will not always be able to roof without gutters. It may be strange to roof a house without gutters to some extent. However, out of 10 houses, you may see one without gutters. In fact, where your house needs gutters depends on the house type, its location, and whether it has any water-related issues.

What’s The Function Of Gutters In Roofing?

Gutters control the volume of water that touches the roof, thereby redirecting it into a single flow that’ll keep it away from the house. When there are no gutters, there’s a high probability that the water will build up around the house, penetrating the foundation and causing water damage in the long run.

However, gutters will be unable to keep water away effectively, except they’re cleaned frequently. Also, there’s a high possibility that damaged gutters can cause more harm than when there are no gutters since they can cause water to build upon the roof.

Asides from moving water away, gutters are used in preventing erosion by controlling the runoff of water. In addition, they secure any landscaping around the property. However, if there’s no landscaping, that’s not an issue.

When Will I Not Need Gutters?

Houses in areas where there isn’t excess snow or rainfall often don’t need gutters because the volume of water that falls along the roof isn’t enough to need them. Therefore, if there isn’t rain falling on the roof on a regular basis, then the damage that the gutters are intended to protect the roof against won’t occur.

If a house has existed for many years without gutters and gas never being damaged, the homeowner might have assumed that the house doesn’t need the installation of gutters. Even though this assumption is reasonable, it’s only right that an inspection of the property should be carried out.

Houses with sloppy grounds and a steep slope are less likely to need gutters. The reason is that they have a long overhang and are already redirecting water away from the house. In addition, steep roofs allow snow and rainwater to slide off easily. But, if the overhang extends past the roof, the displaced rainwater may cause damage.

If your house is in an environment with arid climates like Utah and Arizona, you may need to install and maintain the gutter systems. That’s because rain falls sparingly. Also, a house on the hill and none surrounded by concrete may not need gutters because the rainwater will naturally flow away.

Lastly, if your house was built over 75 years ago, there may be no gutters because builders didn’t consider them at then. Besides, they weren’t commonly used in residential homes until the mid-1900s.


Gutters, when maintained properly, protect the roof and ensure it against future damages. They mostly protect rather than harm. Gutters are necessary, except your roofer advises you not to install them, then you can forego them. If not, reach out to us to get expert gutter installation services that’ll last throughout the rainy season and many more years. Contact us now at 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 414-6067 https://www.nycrenovators.com/ for the best roofing work in the whole of NYC.

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