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Typically, flat roofs get more attention regarding repairs than other roofing types because they are more susceptible to leaks than pitched roofs. This is because water settles on them and doesn’t drain off quickly when it rains. Therefore, you must do regular inspection and maintenance to ascertain the quality of your flat roof.

But one major difficulty in maintaining your flat roof is understanding whether they require a total overhaul or if making minor or significant repairs is enough. Most repairs might cost a hundred bucks or more. However, to avoid high costs on repairs, you need to recognize the signs indicating that your flat roof needs repairs.

Most flat roofs have a lifespan of at least 20 years. Some flat roofs like PVC even last up to 50 years. In most cases, it would have started showing signs of wear, tears, and leakages before the end of its lifespan. So it’s crucial to check your flat roof at intervals for specific signs of defects and carry out the needed restoration. Here are five significant signs that will help you know when your flat roof needs immediate repair and fixing.

Pooling Water

Water pooling is a state where water lingers on your flat roof for more than 48 hours, causing it to sink in overtime. Since you are using a flat roof, it’s natural to experience pooling water, particularly during the rainy seasons. However, it’s expected that the water drains away within a day or two; its inability to drain water indicates a defective drainage system.

If your draining system is clogged, it won’t let water flow freely from your roof. During an evaluation, your most enormous red flag is pooling water because when left for too long on the roof, it causes leaks, reduces the roof’s lifespan, and overall, causes damage to the membrane and framework of your building.

If you consistently notice pool water on your flat roof, it’s an indication that your roof needs immediate repair.

Moisture and Leakages

Although flat roofs face lingering moisture because of their design, they are usually installed so that no water passes through. If your flat roof is not watertight, it will result in high humidity, thereby, allowing your roof membranes to absorb the moisture.

When your flat roof faces excessive dampness, it will eventually result in leakages. You will begin to notice water lines and stains on your walls and ceiling. The leaks might seep into your insulator, causing further problems that might require complex solutions and can serve as a breeding abode for fungi and mold.

Situations such as these are signs that your flat roof requires your attention and needs immediate repair. To avoid damages in the future, you should repair your roof immediately.

Bubbling and Blistering

Bubbling and blistering are common deficiencies resulting from poor installation, adhesive failure, and high temperatures. Flat roofs are designed to withstand heat; however, excessive heat results in blistering of the roofing material, which, when noticed, beckons for repair or replacement.

In the case of bubbles, they contain water or air and might be found in isolated spots or a large section of the roof. Blisters and bubbles often result from low-grade artistry, restricted ventilation, or lousy insulation. If discovered early, they are easily repaired, but they become large and could burst, leaving holes in your roof when left alone.

Once holes are made in your roof, your properties are ultimately prone to severe damages. To prevent interior and exterior damages, repair your flat roof when you discover bubbles and blisters.

If not repaired quickly, it can lead to bigger problems. Replacing your roof will be the best action to take if the bubbles cover a large part or the whole roofing.

Cracks, Splits, And Tears

Generally, flat roofs are designed using conventional materials such as EPDM, TPO, PVC, which dictates their lifespan. Also, weather conditions such as freezing and defrosting prompt the roof to develop cracks, splits, or tears.

You will easily detect cracks, splits, and tears if you perform regular checks on your roof. Ignoring a break, split, or tear on your flat roof will lead to further deterioration. Eventually, open spaces in the roof allow the plyboard to absorb water, thereby causing water leaks and damages to your property.

If you spot any crack, split or tear in your roof, get them sealed with a quality bitumen modified membrane to reduce damages and repair costs. Because leaving it can create more cracks and leaks. Which will lead to a total roof replacement.

Mold And Mildew

If your property reeks of foul or uncomfortable stench and you can’t seem to identify where it’s emanating from, it could signify the presence of mold and mildew.

The appearance of mold and mildew on your flat roof are signs of water damage or retention. Mold thrives in moisturized areas, and their awareness is warning bells of possible leaks. It would be best if you do not ignore these signs, as when left unattended, they can cause significant damages to your roof and are dangerous to your health.

Check for the presence of mold by looking out for discoloration, stains, and dark spots on your ceilings or walls. Once discovered, ensure you take the necessary steps to repair them before they become full-blown.

These are the significant signs that indicate your flat roof needs repairs. Paying attention to these signs and taking expeditious actions to get them fixed will increase the longevity of your flat roof and prevent further damages. Recall that poor installation or repair of your flat roof can result in subsequent defects.

Ensure you hire the best roofing contractor in your area to do the repairs. If you need to complete an inspection or undertake the rehabilitation of the flat roofing of your residential or commercial building, reach out to us at 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 or call us via (718)414-6067. Visit our site at https://www.nycrenovators.com/for more information.

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