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Cement Repairs

  • Cement sidewalks and driveways provide safe walking surfaces for you, guests, neighbors, and passers-by to walk to and from your home or business.
  • Cracking cement sidewalks and driveways pose both a liability concern from lawsuits, as well as a safety concern for you and your family and customers from falling and hurting themselves due to broken or damaged cement-work.
  • Years of ice, snow, rain, and other precipitation, as well as foot traffic, can cause the cement to crack, bend, or otherwise become damaged.
  • This is especially true as the seasons change because rainwater expands when it freezes, it causes cracks in the cement, and then summer heat causes expansion which causes the cement foundation to crack.
  • Fortunately, we have the experience to help.
  • At Royal Renovators, we specialize in re-cement work, which includes breaking the old cement from the ground, and pouring new cement to create a smooth, level walking area.
  • Give us a call today so one of our trained estimators can conduct a free on-site inspection and estimate on replacing broken old cement work.

Brick Repointing 

  • Brickwork can also become cracked, especially the mortar cement between bricks.
  • Removing and replacing this cracked mortar is called Brick Repointing, and can save thousands of dollars on costly brick replacement if done in time.
  • If you notice the mortar between bricks is coming apart, or there are actual gaps between bricks, call a professional to assess the situation and see if brick pointing is right for you.
  • At Royal Renovators Inc., we specialize in brick replacement and repointing services.
  • With brick replacement, we are able to find matching bricks, so the house looks brand new when the project is complete, and only you will know you performed the service.
  • Give us a call, to schedule a free no-obligation consultation and estimate.

Choose Royal Renovators

  • Royal Renovators Inc. offers cement and brickwork services to properties in all boroughs of NYC.
  • Our qualified team of professionals is specially trained to provide specialized cement and brickwork repair solutions for a variety of masonry issues.
  • Give us a call anytime to schedule a free, no-obligation, on-site consultation and estimate.
  • We have the solutions for all your cement and brickwork requirements and are happy to handle your project.
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