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How To Start A Roofing Business: The Unofficial Guide
April 8, 2019

It amazes me how every structure needs a roof, regardless of what type of building it is, yet very few people ever think about going into the roofing business. Roofs are one those things that don’t last forever, which means most roofers usually would have a consistent flow of work that can keep their income constant. The bulk of a roofer’s consistent income comes from periodic inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Roof installation in new or old buildings are usually very lucrative sources of income, but the frequency of jobs like that depend significantly on the type of neighborhood where your business is located. Your best bet would be suburban and urban areas where a lot of constructions are ongoing or a region with lots of windstorm and rainfall.

You should understand, however, that this business is for people who are willing to work with their hands and want to be their boss. Since the roofing business is not the type of business you decide to have on the side while you do something else.

If you are still here, then it means you are considering starting this business. Let us get to the nitty-gritty part of starting a roofing business.

Note: you might still need to read more materials on starting a roofing company or a business in general. This is more of a general guide than a comprehensive one.

What do you do as a Roofing business owner?

Usually, roofing business owners usually have hectic days, due to their constant search for new customers by trying to establish some form of relationships with property owners in the area in which they operate.

Another thing roofing business owners do is go out in search of cheap materials that are of high quality to maximize their profit while still maintaining a top standard job for their clients. This part of the job is like trying to eat your cake and have it. Many roofing business owners don’t make this quest which is why some roofing contracting services fail to meet the demand of the clients.

Target market

Since commercial flat roofing is easier to work with, a lot of roofers usually prefer to work with clients with flat roofs. Also, working for a client that has numerous properties means there is an opportunity for more jobs in the future. However, when working with houses with steep roofs, roofers tend to charge more.

Source of income and growth potential

There are numerous ways in which roofers make money, and these include, roof inspections and evaluations, repairs, replacement and installations on new structures.

As long as the owner of the business is hardworking, there is a significant potential for such a business to grow. This is especially true for companies in urban/ suburban areas.

Skills required

You need to realize that the roofing business is a physical business that requires administrative, as well as marketing skills. If you are handling most of the physical aspect of the business, you need to have a mechanical proficiency, be in good shape physically, and be ready to use your creative abilities to solve problems. However, business owners that prefer to work from the comfort of their offices, then a solid managerial skill is required to effectively dedicate the work order to workers who are to handle the physical job. Your job would include, administrative, logistic, and comprehensive leadership skills.


Apart from the mental and physical fortitude that starting a roofing business would require, it also would need to be sufficiently funded. Even though a decent roofing company can be launched from the home of the owner, you still will require additional space for storing roofing materials, as they must always be available. Some of the extra cost include worker’s salaries, high-speed internet, purchase of decent trucks and maintenance of the business. This includes taxes and registration of the business.

Major steps to starting a roofing company

After the basics, all that is left now is establishing the actual business itself.

  • You should have a business plan: For your business to be successful, you need to have a business plan. You should do this even if it means paying a professional to do it for you.
  • Registration: once you have decided on the business name and established your business idea, you should make sure that you register your brand.
  • Become a BBB Accredited roofer to give your potential clients a lot more trust in you.
  • Administration: it is a business, after all, I would advise that you go out at the beginning of the business and get certain administrative personnel such as a receptionist, a manager (if you are not taking on this role), accountant.
  • Insurance: make sure your brand is insured before you set out to do any job.
  • Brand building: The best way for your business to grow is if you have a brand. One thing is to have a company name, but another thing is to build your company brand around this name.
  • Secure equipment: You are not in business if you do not have the tools to work with. You need to get the tools and materials that would enable you to perform your tasks without any hassle.
  • Employees: Put out vacancies demanding the services of roofers that can carry out your job effectively and hire them after interviewing them to determine which of them is qualified.
  • Secure clients: Last but not the least, find a way to secure your clients, whether it is through visitation, commercials on tv, word of mouth or social media, make sure you find a way to acquire customers.
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