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Flat Roof Tear Offs in Queens

Flat roofs are everywhere in queens. From Jackson Heights to Howard Beach, small streets and boulevards of Queens are lined with buildings with flat roofs, from small businesses to apartment buildings and municipal building. If you are an owner of a building with a flat roof, then you know the vigilance it takes to make sure that retain their waterproof qualities. When you have a flat roof that needs major repair or overhaul, you have two main options: a layover and a tear off.

When is a Flat Roof Tear Off Called For?

  • There are several situations that call for a flat roof to be totally removed and then replaced.
  • If there has been a leak that has gotten the insulation wet, you’ll need to tear off the old roof and replace it. Similarly, if the decking, the plywood beneath the roofing material, is damaged from moisture or years of wear and tear, it will have to be replaced as well. If you already have several layers of roofing built up, you will automatically be in the tear off category.
  • When a flat roof tear off is called for, we will completely remove the old roofing, replace any damaged plywood or insulation, and then install a brand new flat roof.
  • We can use SBS membrane self-adhered cap and base sheet installations, to Karnak brand roofing and flashing cement, our flat roofing projects benefit from over 20 years of flat roofing experience to produce the most watertight surface possible on a customer’s home.
  • When we do a roof replacement we also make sure that all joints, flashing and eaves are in great shape and won’t let any water in to create future problems.

If you need a flat roof tear off and replacement in Queens, call us. If you are not sure, ask for your free inspection

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