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Common Summer Roofing Problems You Should Know
May 17, 2022

The summer weather is quite harsh and can damage your roof. Roofs often get bitten throughout the year, especially during summer. Even though they were built to endure constant climate change and harshness, they need to be regularly maintained to withstand the heat.

Interestingly, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the severity of the damage. You can also take steps to solve the problems as they arise. Read through to discover 5 roofing problems you’ll most likely encounter this summer and the right actions to take to solve the problem.

5 Common Summer Roofing Problems You Should Know

  • Sun Damage

Sunny days can cause damage to your roof. However, you can prevent the severity of the damage by applying a coating to your roof. The coating serves as a sunscreen you apply to your skin before going to the pool or beach on a sunny day.

If there’s no coating, the roof deck will deteriorate or fade from prolonged exposure to the sun. Plus, the adhesion holding your roofing material in place can melt from the heat of the sun, and the shingles will age faster because of exposure to the sun. To check if your roof is damaged, you’ll need to climb to the rooftop. For safety purposes, you can get a roofing company like ours to inspect your roof for damage and let you know if repairs need to be made.

  • Water Damage

Rainy seasons come with their problems. Putting a waterproof layer on your roof will help to protect your roof from water damage. Also, inspecting your roof regularly for cracks and weak in the shingles will help reduce the potential for water damage.

Regularly go to the attic to check the interior of your roof. You can hire a professional to use detectors to find signs of water that are not visible to the naked eye. If it is confirmed that your roof has water damage, repair it immediately.

  • Humidity Damage

The atmosphere and humidity moisture are also common summer roofing problems. When the temperature of your roof is lower than the surrounding air, condensation will most likely occur. Excessive moisture can weaken your roof and create leaks over time. Hiring a professional roofing company for your roofing will be the best option as they’ll use waterproof materials when installing or repairing your roof so it can withstand the humid weather.

  • Moss Damage

When moss and algae grow on your roof, it results in serious moisture damage. Over time, it’ll cause the wood underneath your roofing material to rot or erode. Unfortunately, if moss stays for a long time on your roof, it’ll be difficult to remove.

  • Storm Damage

It’s best to always take the necessary precautions before a storm occurs. The easiest way is by doing the following:

  • Ensure the drains are not blocked.
  • Check for trees with dead branches that may fall on your house during a storm.
  • Clean up leaves and other debris from your gutters.

In addition, after a storm, do well to check your roof for damage. It is possible that the wind might have blown up a shingle or broken off a piece of your shingle. Limbs or branches can fall on your roof and hail can cause damage to your roof.

To make it easier, you can hire a roofing company to inspect the roof for damage after a severe storm. If any damage is found, you’ll need to report it to your insurance company. The roofing company will then work with your insurance company to document the extent of your damage, and begin repairs as soon as possible.

Final Words

Avoid delaying the repair of your roof damage, notwithstanding whether the damage is minor or not. There’s a high probability that a small problem could grow into a big one, causing you to spend more money on repairs. Outsource your roofing maintenance and repairs to expert roofing companies like NYC Roofing and Siding Services. Climbing a ladder by yourself isn’t safe at all!

You can visit us at 118-35 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375, or call (718) 414-6067 https://www.nycrenovators.com/ for expert roofing services.

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