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4 Measures To Prevent Your Flat Roof From Leaking
December 15, 2021

An old English adage says, “Prevention is better than cure,” which is often used by doctors and healthcare practitioners. Now, as regards roof leaking, the right sentence will be, “Preventing is better than repair.” That is, preventing your roof from leaking is better than repairing it when it’s leaking.

While you cannot totally avoid roof leaks and repairs, these preventive measures will go a long way in preventing your roof from leaking. Which in turn, will minimize the amount you spend on your roof.

The following are preventive measures you can use to prevent your roof from leaking;

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

This is one of the most important preventive measures. As a roof owner, you should take inspection seriously and always inspect your roof. This is, of course, something you can do by yourself. But we always advise that you should employ a professional roofer to inspect for you. Because you are not properly trained in this area and you might miss the vital points you should check. Which can lead to roof leaking.

If by any chance, you don’t have a roofer, you can contact us at Royal Renovators Inc to provide you with a quality roof inspection. So, regular inspection of your roof should be your number 1 priority as a homeowner.

Inspect The Attic

This is one of the least considered places homeowners inspect for leaking problems. As a rule, never let either of these three get blocked: the louvers, soffit vents, or ridge vents.

Whenever you inspect your roof, always check your attic to see if any of the three aforementioned areas are blocked. You should also check out for moisture and buildup because they can make your roof leak. Lastly, you should also check out the molds in your attic, and make sure you clear them.

Roof Flashing

As useful as flashing is to your roof, so can it be dangerous to your roof if not properly taken care of. Roof flashing is the metals used to hold your roof vents, chimneys, junctions, chimneys, etc.

As you can see, it does a lot of work on your roof; therefore, it needs to be properly taken care of. Because if you have a broken roof flashing, it will allow water to penetrate, which will eventually lead to leaking.

So, when inspecting your roof, check out for broken or damaged flashing and replace/repair them immediately.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Gutters are the pathway that drains water from your roof. If properly taken care of, it can prevent your roof from developing one of the most common flat roofing problems: standing or pooling water. Which leads to leaking.

You should clean your gutter at least twice a year. For maximum results and longevity, you can increase it to at least 4 times or more.

When cleaning your gutters, you should clear the dirt, leaves, small leaves, and any other particles you find there.

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