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Black-top shingles are the most well-known roofing material in this nation today. Since a rooftop is a major venture, you need to ensure you’ve picked a choice that keeps going… and ensure it accompanies a decent warranty.

The fame of structural shingles with long warranty times of 20, 30, 50 years and even lifetimes is reported today. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t peruse the fine print, you may be extremely shocked at what is really secured and the measure of insurance you truly get. Here, we are going to make a correlation between two shingle organizations; TAMKO and GAF.


With over seven decades and still in the shingle business, Tamko without a doubt has its exceptional method for keeping up its own in the extremely serious material shingle advertise.


Tamko’s warranty is very straightforward:

Of late, Tamko has made noteworthy acclimations to its warranty arrangement by offering an as good as ever limited lifetime warranty.

The new time-framed lifetime warranty applies to establishments by local roofers on single-family structures involved by the proprietor of TAMKO’s most famous items – the Heritage group of covered black-top shingles, which incorporates TAMKO® Heritage®, Heritage® Premium, Heritage® Vintage®, Heritage Woodgate® and the fresh out of the box new Heritage® IR shingle.


GAF is well known for delivering practical rooftop shingles that come in various assortments of hues. GAF is prestigious for offering the best value choices, tasteful shingles and the structural style of the home.


GAF shingles warranty is explained as follows;

GAF has been known to have the best warranty bundle in the material business. At the point when a roofer affirmed “Ace Elite” by GAF puts shingles, better assurances are provided.

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